Cooper is a growing virtual support system startup for the modern parent. Here’s an exclusive look at the 14-slide pitch deck it used to raise millions for its pre-seed round.

  • Cooper is a startup offering one-on-one sessions, virtual events, and support for parents.
  • The startup just raised $2 million from investors like Difference Partners and KlI Capital.
  • Take a look at the 14-slide pitch deck Cooper used for its pre-seed funding round.

Gabby Slome and Ariel Boorstin met in 2021 at a local parenting group in New York City and quickly bonded over their dissatisfaction with the isolation they felt after having children and the “drama” that came with differing opinions about raising children.

The pair reasoned that there had to be a better way for parents to get the help they require and set out to create it.

Cooper, a support system for parents offering one-on-one sessions, virtual events, and other tools, has officially launched two years later. Difference Partners and Kli Capital led a $2 million pre-seed round for the startup. The funding round was also attended by XFactor Ventures and a number of angel investors, including Amanda Freeman, the founder of workout brand SLT.

Cooper charges a monthly membership fee of $49, which includes monthly small group sessions with other parents, events and workshops, an online forum, and one-on-one coaching sessions with parenting experts who provide personal support.

According to the World Journal of Psychiatry, Slome and Boorstin explained that they built the start specifically to help moms, who historically take on the majority of caregiving. However, despite the fact that Slome had cofounded petcare startup Ollie in 2015 and a track record of raising over $45 million in funding, that premise proved difficult to raise VC funding.

“We still dealt with the headwinds faced by female founders in general and particularly who are creating services that will support women,” Slome said in an interview with Insider. “There is a deficit of understanding among investors about the true value and potential of women-led businesses that speak to the needs of women.”

Boorstin went on to say that by partnering with Difference Partners, Kli Capital, XFactor Ventures, and Cooper’s angel investors, the couple discovered a community of people who value caregiving and the work that parents do.

“We were fortunate to align with investors who felt personally connected to Cooper’s solutions.” “So many of our investors are juggling — or have juggling — growing a business while raising a family, or have struggled with the isolation and fears that you deal with at times during your parenting journey,” she said.

Kid-focused startups are a thriving industry, with entrepreneurs tackling education technology and pediatric mental health innovation. However, there are few options that are specifically geared toward assisting parents as they navigate the journey of raising a child.

Cooper’s cofounders believe that by focusing on this area, they will be able to capture a larger share of the child and caregiving market as they expand the startup to include other offerings, such as ADHD support, which is the startup’s next area of focus, according to Boorstin.

Check out Cooper’s 15-slide pitch deck, which he used to secure $2 million in pre-seed funding:

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