Delta Force Stops Trump Assassin at New Jersey MEGA MAGA Rally

Delta Force operators protecting President Donald J. Trump stopped a Secret Service assassin from killing the president at Saturday’s massive MAGA rally in New Jersey, sources in General Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Eighty thousand enthusiastic Trump supporters adorned in MAGA gear had flocked to the Jersey Shore to stand in solidarity with the besieged president, proving that, contrary to MSM lies, the MAGA base remains cohesive and steadfastly loyal to the true POTUS. He delivered an impassioned speech, once again railing against the criminal Biden regime and its weaponization of the corrupt Department of Justice.

Amid the festivities, however, at least one fan wearing a MAGA baseball cap and shirt and holding high American and Trump 2024 flags was not who he appeared to be. He was, our source said, an incognito Secret Service agent who wished to “give Trump a heart attack.”

As reported on multiple occasions, White Hats have been shadowing the president not only during his court appearances but also on the campaign trail, and they’ve recently tripled security in response to “Deep State chatter” discussing “eliminating Trump” before the Republican National Convention in July.

Fortunately for President Trump and America, Delta caught the agent before President Trump, fashionably late as usual, arrived at the beachside extravaganza.

According to our source, White Hats have long distrusted the Secret Service, for it is run by the Department of Homeland Security and helmed by a known Deep State provocateur, Director Kimberly A. Cheatle. Since her appointment to office in 2022, White Hats have observed her at social soirees with Jill Biden, the flagitious Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Kamala Harris. Still, they lack evidence directly implicating Cheatle in yesterday’s event.

“The rot starts at the top,” our source said. “And President Trump knows this.”

The White Hats’ animus toward the Secret Service began in April 2021 when Trump learned that his Mar-a-Lago Secret Service detail had stolen data from the property’s computer servers and leaked it to the Biden regime. Enraged, Trump forcibly ejected the Secret Service and replaced them with Navy Seals and Delta operators.

“There are good agents out there, but many are loyal to Biden. We’ve stopped 17 attempts on President Trump’s life in the last several years, and this is the first time we’ve seen the Secret Service involved. I won’t say how, but the Delta in President Trump’s entourage has cracked the Service’s tactical frequency. At 5:30 p.m., they heard a one-way transmission, presumably an agent complaining about Trump being ‘late to the party.’”

“I’m sick of these MAGA freaks calling Trump’s failures accomplishments. If I’m risking my life to give orange man a heart attack, the least he could do is be here on time,” the agent reportedly mumbled into a miniature microphone embedded in an American Flag pin on his shirt.

The would-be assassin spoke the amount of time required for Delta to triangulate his general location—along with the roisterous MAGA standing near the barricade separating the audience from the stage where Trump would soon stand.

Delta spotters with binoculars scanned the crowd and immediately launched a drone fitted with high-resolution optics. The operator noticed an overenthusiastic fellow vigorously waving an American Flag and jumping up and down in excitement, but the man’s lip movements sharply contrasted with his body language.

“He was mouthing the words ‘Fuck you, Donald Trump’ and “Last day on Earth for you, Trump,” our source said. “Obviously, no true Trump supporter would do that. The other clues were his earpiece, and he was whispering into an American Flag pin pinned to his shirt.”

Delta, he said, changed into civilian clothes and sported MAGA regalia so they could mix with the crowd without drawing attention to themselves. The crowd was an undulating sea of red, white, and blue, through which the Delta operators waded until they surrounded the agent. An operator jabbed his neck with a syringe, dispensing a fast-acting sedative that soon had the man wobbling on his feet and doubled over as if someone had punched him in the gut.

Two Delta caught him as he fell, telling curious onlookers that they were his friends and that he was simply intoxicated from an earlier drinking session.

“Delta removed him from the grounds. They found what looked like a typical handgun in a holster he carried on his abdomen. The magazine well has some sort of battery. We believe it’s a heart attack gun, similar to what was used on Gen. Smith not too long ago. It’s being examined. We positively identified the suspect as a current Secret Service employee. He isn’t talking. We don’t know how he got past security with the weapon or who he talked to on the radio. But those answers will come. What’s important is that Trump is safe and has delivered what goes down in history as one of his most important addresses ever,” our source said.

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