Leaked screenshot shows Amazon is now tracking individual employee office attendance records, reversing its anonymized data policy

  • Amazon now shares individual office attendance records with its employees.
  • It’s the latest move to force employees back to the office.
  • Amazon’s return-to-office process has been unusually contentious.

As the company doubles down on forcing employees back into the office, Amazon is now tracking and sharing individual office attendance records, reversing an old policy.

According to a screenshot obtained by Insider, Amazon employees in the United States can now see a “Badge Report” on their own internal HR dashboard. The report displays “days badged per week” data as well as the exact “days of week” each employee badged-in for the previous eight weeks. Non-corporate Amazon buildings such as warehouses, data centers, and third-party offices such as WeWork are not included in the report.

“Below is a tally of the number of times you badged into an Amazon corporate office in the last eight weeks.” The Badge Report dashboard stated, “Each week displayed provides a breakdown of which days you badged into a corporate building.” “We understand that things like PTO, sick days, and last-minute schedule changes can impact why you haven’t badged into the office 3+ days a week.” Such exceptions are permitted by the in-office guidance.”

Amazon’s previous policy of only tracking anonymized, aggregated office attendance data, which it claimed was shared with managers primarily for safety and space planning purposes, has been reversed with the new badge report for individual employees. Amazon’s SVP Peter DeSantis, for example, told his engineering team at a recent internal townhall meeting that office badging data is “informational” and should only be shared in “very aggregated ways,” as Insider previously reported.

Amazon’s spokesperson, Rob Munoz, told Insider that badge data does not account for reported paid time off, personal time, or work from a non-corporate building.

“This tool provides visibility to employees and managers into the days they badged into a corporate building.” “The data will help guide conversations between employees and managers about coming into the office with their coworkers as needed,” Munoz said in a statement.

Amazon informed employees about the badge data update in a separate internal memo on Thursday, stating that it is intended to “enable employees to see what days they badged into an Amazon office.” Managers can also view badge reports for specific employees or teams.”

Employees in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Korea, or Taiwan, according to the memo, do not have access to badge data.

“We’re providing this data to help guide conversations as needed between employees and managers about coming into the office with their colleagues,” according to the memo that Insider obtained.

More than 6 months after announcing the 3-times-a-week, in-office mandate, Amazon is still dealing with employee backlash over its RTO policy. The company has gradually increased the rhetoric and the consequences for those who fail to comply with the in-office mandate, and in August, it rolled out a new policy that required employees to relocate near office “hubs,” or be forced into a “voluntary resignation.”

Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees in an internal meeting last month that it’s “past” the time to commit to the company’s RTO policy, adding that “it’s probably not going to work out” for those who refuse to comply.

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