Polimorphic uses AI to cut down on admin faced by local governments. Check out the 16-slide deck it used to raise $5.6 million.

  • Polimorphic recently raised $5.6 million from M13, an early-stage investor.
  • The startup employs artificial intelligence to digitize paperwork for local governments and their constituents.
  • The company’s ‘GovGPT’ aims to significantly reduce the amount of administration that governments face.

Polimorphic, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to improve government workflows, has raised $5.6 million from early-stage fund M13.

The New York-based startup has created an in-house AI-driven program that can help local governments with administrative tasks like automating processes, managing log records, and communicating with constituents.

“Many services require you to come in person or mail PDFs or checks.” So this wastes time and causes a lot of frustration for government employees,” said cofounder and CEO Parth Shah.

The startup has created ‘GovGPT,’ an AI-first tool that automates many tasks such as handling requests, payments, and applications.

The government sector, according to Shah, overlaps with the “customer service business.”

“We’re really focused on helping make that customer service easier, more efficient, but then also magical for constituents,” he went on to say.

The startup generates revenue in two ways. For starters, it charges cities and counties that it works with a subscription fee, but they do not charge for additional support, such as software implementation. Second, it takes a cut of the digital transactions that it facilitates.

Despite the funding slowdown, Shah discovered that the startup received “a tonne of attention” because government institutions have traditionally been large, complex buyers who are opaque to investors.

“So when you think about the opportunities AI provides, is the opportunity for governments to be able to provide critical services,” he went on to say. “That’s what really resonated with investors.”

M13, an early-stage venture capital firm that has previously backed Ring and Classpass, led the round. Existing investors Shine Capital and Pear VC contributed as well.

“Inefficiency is an expensive pain point in any bureaucracy, and the government is no exception,” said Latif Peracha, General Partner at M13. “Polimorphic’s solutions digitize every facet of the constituent-to-city relationship, and remove trillions of wasted dollars and time out of the system.”

The funding will be used to expand the startup’s client success and engineering teams, as well as to add more cities and counties to its waiting list.

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