‘Probably the Most Important Topic of Our Time’: DNA Contaminants in COVID Shots Can Trigger Cancer, Alter Human Genome

A World Council for Health panel of international scientists revealed that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are contaminated with plasmid DNA from the manufacturing process. This not only can cause inflammation and cancers but can damage DNA, perhaps even pass genetic alterations to children. Experts say regulators ignored the risks and urge a recall of all mRNA vaccines.

The World Health Organization convened an international panel of scientists and medical experts on Monday to discuss recent revelations that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain bacterial DNA plasmids that can harm human health.

The panelists discussed “#PlasmidGate” and its implications “for all people of the world,” calling the findings “probably the most important topic of our time.”

The hearing focused on the discovery of bacterial DNA left over from the microscopic plasmids used in the mRNA vaccine manufacturing process to multiply DNA. SV40, a cancer-promoting gene therapy tool discovered in COVID-19 vaccines, is one of the gene therapy tools discovered in COVID-19 vaccines.

These foreign substances could also be to blame for the high number of severe adverse events and deaths associated with COVID-19 vaccines, according to participants, but health regulators around the world have so far ignored the link.

Dr. Mark Trozzi and Christof Plothe, D.O., members of the World Council for Health steering committee, moderated the hearing, which included the following participants:

  • Katie Ashby-Koppens is an Australian lawyer.
  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a German-Thai microbiologist.
  • Dr. Byram Bridle of the University of Guelph in Canada is a viral immunologist.
  • Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Ph.D., is a geneticist and former director of research at the French National Institute of Health.
  • Dr. Brigitte König is a microbiologist and the head of the Department of Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Microbiology at Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany.
  • Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay is a toxicologist and the executive editor of the Journal of Toxicology Current Research.
  • Peter McCullough, M.D., MPH, is a cardiologist.
  • Kevin McKernan, CSO and founder of Medicinal Genomics, is a researcher.
  • Jessica Rose, Ph.D., is a biologist and biochemist.

Plothe kicked off the hearing by calling DNA plasmid contamination in mRNA vaccines “probably the most important topic of our time.”

Trozzi called efforts to raise awareness of the issue “a David versus Goliath fight,” referring to the World Council for Health’s limited resources in comparison to the WHO’s “$7 billion budget.”

“We feel that the plasmid discovery could be the game-changer,” Bhakdi told The Defender, because genome alteration leads to the creation of genetically modified humans, which he said “will not be tolerated by the world.”

“Physicians all over the world must decide whether to save themselves or go down in history as complicit in the greatest crime against humanity.” “We believe there is a real chance here,” Bkahdi said.

Up to 35% of mRNA vaccine contaminated with bacterial DNA

McKernan’s discovery, which has been replicated by other researchers, that up to 35% of the content of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines consists of DNA plasmids was the focus of Monday’s data and testimony.

The COVID Vaccine ‘Bait And Switch’

McKernan pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccine vials used in clinical trials and later approved “are not the vials that were given to the public.”

McKernan explained that the clinical trial used “process one,” which used PCR to make the DNA, which was then converted into RNA to make the spike protein.

he added, “Once the trial was complete, they [performed] a big bait and switch,” he told me. “They switched to a manufacturing process that produced this DNA in E. coli.”

“With that comes a different risk,” McKernan explained. “When they switched to scaling this up,… you had to extract the DNA from E. coli without having any of the E. It comes with coli.”

McKernan described how parts of E. Endotoxins such as E. coli are known to cause anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

He said, “Contamination of mRNA vaccines with plasmid DNA … must be expected to be the rule and not the exception.”

How mRNA is made with plasmids

McKernan spoke about “the most striking revelation”: SV40 cancer-promoting components found in Pfizer monovalent vaccines. These were “not disclosed to the regulators,” according to him.

This is significant, according to McKernan, because “SV40 is a well-published tool for gene therapy.” This is the shuttle that you use to transport DNA into the nucleus.”

SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian Virus 40, according to McCullough. “These are well-known commercial enhancers for increasing the expression of a gene in E. coli to create a product,” he explained.

It is well known that the SV40 genetic code can be taken up by human cells and cause cancer. “It promotes proto-oncogenes to turn on and actually become cancerous within cells,” he said.

Lindsay referred to SV40 as a “super promoter,” stating that it is “great at driving gene expression, and if that should sit above an oncogene, of course you could have an explosion of an amplification in a cancer gene.”

Additionally, McKernan said, “If you have lipid nanoparticles that are encapsulating this material, you now have a Trojan horse to get into the cells.”

In his words, plasmids are “a circular ring of DNA in which elements, via genetic modifications, have been put in, in order to produce the mRNAs.”

“Logically, [plasmids] should not be in the vaccine because they’re mRNA production sites and you don’t want them to be lasting in your body,” Plothe explained, adding that such plasmids contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Henrion-Caude went on to say, “The most frequent antibiotic-resistant genes are plasmid-born and are thus easily transferred [into DNA].”

Bridle describes bacterial plasmid DNA as “a really well-known danger signal for the immune system,” as it activates the immune system’s bacteria-fighting agents and causes inflammation.

“Plasmid DNA is very robust, and it can last for a very long time,” Bridle added, noting that further modification of these DNA plasmids “opens the door to exacerbating another problem, which is potentially prolonged expression of the spike protein” in the body.

Trozzi stated that there are “at least six or seven methods” by which foreign DNA can potentially be incorporated into human chromosomes, adding that “it’s not in any way hyperbolic to talk about the genetic invasion of innocent people without their knowledge.”

SV40 DNA ‘the most striking revelation’

Bhakdi described how this process occurs within the body. He defined the genome as “the entire set of DNA instructions found in a cell… the books of life that are safeguarded in the cell nucleus,” and mRNA as “the copied recipe” of these instructions.

“Vaccines are such short-lived copies of chromosomal recipes that direct the production of selected antigens like the spike protein.”

Because mass production of mRNA necessitates the availability of large quantities of DNA templates, “more than 1 billion copies are administered with each injection into the human body.”

According to Bhakdi, this is accomplished through “the billions and trillions of copies of DNA” derived from bacteria. The “recipes” for viral proteins are stored in minute bacterial chromosomes, which are then inserted into plasmids, which multiply.

Following that, “the plasmids are harvested and used as templates for the production of the RNA copies,” Bhakdi explained, before the RNA molecules are packaged into tiny fatty globules known as lipid nanoparticles (LNP).

“The packaging material is essential to protect RNA from destruction, so that it can travel in the bloodstream to reach all organs of the body,” Bhakdi said in a press release.

According to Bhakdi, the LNP acts as “Trojan horses.” “They’re taken up by the cells, their cargo is released … and the ‘recipes’ direct [the] production of the gene product,” he went on to explain. Rose compared this to a “fast delivery” system.

mRNA vaccines ‘by any and all definitions are gene therapies’

According to Bridle, Health Canada documentation obtained through a Freedom of Information request last week revealed that plasmid DNA is not listed as an ingredient in mRNA vaccines.

“Anybody who’s received plasmid DNA in these shots, they have never given informed consent for that,” he went on to say. “Those of us who know the manufacturing process … were assured that there would not be plasmid DNA present.”

According to Bridle, this should have been obvious to regulators. He described being a member of the advisory committee for a master’s student working on developing a preclinical messenger RNA-based vaccine. “One single rookie scientist” would have “no problem getting rid of these bacterial DNA contaminants,” that’s what he said.

“With all of their money and all of their expert scientists,” Bridle said, “there’s no excuse for companies like Pfizer and Moderna to leave the plasmid DNA in the vaccines.” “The fact that they didn’t get rid of this is egregious.”

Rose stated that because there is evidence of DNA in the COVID-19 modified mRNA injections, “then these products, because there is a likelihood of integration via nuclear location sequences, qualify as gene therapies by any and all definitions.”

“Even if this wasn’t the intended design, this is the result that we’re facing right now,” she said, adding, “The potential for cancer is clear here, and given the rise in reporting rate in VAERS over the last 3 years combined with the decrease in shot administration number, we really need to investigate the possible relationship between this rise in cancer reporting in the context of the COVID injections and the DNA contamination.” Individuals who have been injected should have their stem cells and other cells tested for contaminant components.”

“What happens when the plasmid DNA from these plasmids, broken up or intact, enters the cell’s nucleus?”” Lindsay inquired. “You can get DNA mutation and that can occur through substitutions, through deletions.”

RFK Jr. Wuhan Cover Up

“The Wuhan Cover-Up” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Filling Vials with Syringes

Gene therapies may contaminate gene pool, pass to children

Lindsay expressed concern about the COVID-19 vaccines, saying that “the gene therapies would be passed on to progeny and cause contamination of the gene pool,” noting that there are mechanisms for this to happen, such as sperm-mediated gene transfer or “actual integration into the genome.”

“mRNA itself can be reverse-transcribed to DNA and then also integrate in the genome, which causes cancers,” Lindsay went on to say, “[particularly] in the ovaries, in the testes.”

“My very large concern is that these gene therapies will be passed on to our progeny and will contaminate the gene pool,” she said. “This is not being investigated at all … and I have reached out to multiple labs asking them if they would investigate this.”

“The vaccines accumulate in the reproductive organs, and this could immediately impair fertility uptake [and] result in stillbirth,” Bhakdi said in a statement.

Bhakdi described how placental damage could allow packaged genes to enter fetal circulation. “Indeed, it is known that stem cells in umbilical cord blood are reduced and impaired following vaccination,” he went on to say.

Bhakdi described the potential outcomes as a “unending disruption of the exquisitely tuned network that controls cell division and differentiation,” which could result in cancer, developmental defects, and altered traits.

Plasmid DNA can produce chronic inflammation, ‘a key driver of cancers’

One of the risks of such therapies, according to panelists, is the risk of cancer.

According to Bridle, “plasmid DNA can be very long-lived,” and their presence causes “cells of the immune system to be activated and produce or promote chronic inflammation… a key driver of cancers.”

According to McKernan, “we are always ‘cancering’ … it’s just when mutagenesis outpaces the immune system that you begin to notice it.”

“Increasing the DNA alone may not do it,” he says, but a chronic disruption to the immune system, such as that seen with COVID-19 vaccines, “can be a really potent combination.”

McKernan also mentioned data from Massachusetts death records that showed “a steady increase in cancer,” adding that “that is a clear-cut sign that we have an increase in cancer post-vaccination.”

Long-lived mRNA, LNPs both toxic, cancer-causing

According to Plothe, spike proteins in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were modified to “have a longer effect, thus producing more spike proteins,” increasing their half-life from 10 minutes to “hours, days, or even weeks.”

“[This] is also the trigger of many, many autoimmune diseases,” he went on to say.

The COVID-19 vaccines, according to McCullough, affect the body’s tumor surveillance systems, and “if there are already mutations that weaken those tumor surveillance systems, those mutations are known to predispose people to cancer.”

He went on to say that modified RNA “is foreign to the human body,” and that “administering repeated doses of messenger RNA would impair our body’s ability to repair” a mutation in the body, “thus potentially setting up that cell to convert into a… cancer cell.”

McCullough stated that there is now “a sufficient body of knowledge” demonstrating that COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer, noting that “rates of cancer are up in every single cancer surveillance system,” and that “now we have the situation where multiple administrations of a COVID-19 vaccine could accelerate” cancer progression.

“I think there’s probably no better term that’s come up for the concern here than ‘turbo cancer,'” he added.

Rose stated that cancer reports have been “on the rise” since the start of COVID-19 vaccination.

Despite this, McCullough claims that “none of the cancer surveillance systems have merged this with vaccine administration.”

Trozzi claims that the LNPs are also toxic. “That’s one of the reasons that this injection causes such a higher degree of anaphylactic shock than [non-mRNA] vaccines did,” he said. He went on to say that “also we have the effects of it damaging the DNA repair mechanisms, and that’s impairing tumor suppression.”

According to Rose, the potential severe adverse effects of LNPs “include anaphylaxis, sepsis, toxic shock, and death.”

Henrion-Caude also stated that in adenovirus-based COVID-19 vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson’s and AstraZeneca’s, “the adenoviruses may enable integration” of DNA fragments, adding that such capsules with DNA fragments may lead to cancer metastasis.

Spike protein causes blood clots, strokes, sudden death

Bhakdi stated that the immune system is capable of recognizing and eliminating foreign cells, noting that this is the process by which human organ transplants are rejected. He went on to say, “The same principle underlies the ever-increasing intensity of adverse events following in the wake of booster injections.”

“Myriad immune attack events will erupt throughout the body,” he told reporters. “That can only stop when the alien protein production stops,” he said, adding that while vaccine manufacturers claim the spike protein leaves the body in a few days, “alarming findings” show that it can stay in the body for weeks or months.

“With that assertion, spike protein and multi-organ inflammation was detected in the vaccinated weeks and even months after the injections,” he went on to say. “This was associated with severe and often fatal illness.”

According to McCullough, the spike protein causes “cardiovascular disease and heart inflammation… [and] accelerates atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease that causes stroke,” as well as Guillain-Barré syndrome, small fiber neuropathy, and hearing and vision loss.

According to McCullough, the spike protein is also found in blood clots — “blood clots like we’ve never seen before, resistant to anticoagulation and causing immune abnormalities such as vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia [and] multisystem inflammatory disorder,” he added.

According to Bhakdi, continued production of any non-cell protein causes long-term inflammation and organ damage throughout the body. “The vessel walls will be harmed.” Blood clots and bleeding are unavoidable… Tissues will die from a lack of oxygen.”

“The heart is one organ in which dead cells cannot be replaced. Who hasn’t heard about the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths that are taking place all over the world? “They’re just the tip of the iceberg,” he adds.

According to Bhakdi, the brain is the second organ that cannot replace its dead cells. “Depending on where vaccine damage is done, any neurological and psychiatric affliction may follow in a similar fashion.”

“This has to be the most disease-promoting injection that could ever be potentially even devised or administered,” he said. “Yet it has been given to two-thirds of the world’s population.”

“It’s a mind-blowing reality that we’re sitting on right now,” he said.

Regulatory authorities ignoring evidence of DNA plasmid contamination

After more than two years of using mRNA vaccines, Henrion-Caude noted that “no work has been able to describe the fact that the RNA of the COVID vaccine did not present genetic toxicity or carcinogenicity.”

“The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] have … admitted that they had no information,” he said.

“We should be encouraging every cancer surveillance system to merge with vaccine administration systems and do epidemiologic studies,” McCullough said, adding that he has written to both the National Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Society but has been “stonewalled.”

Ashby-Koppens expressed concern about the many new manufacturing facilities opening around the world, “boasting the ability to make at least a hundred million vaccines a year using this mRNA technology.”

“This is the reason why we have to say stop and why we are all here today,” she went on to say.

Ashby-Koppens revealed details about an injunction she is seeking against Pfizer and Moderna in Australia, alleging that their COVID-19 vaccines meet the definition of a genetically modified organism.

Lindsay mentioned the “We the People 50 — Recall the Shots” campaign, which is highlighting the contamination in order to have the mRNA vaccines pulled in the United States and other countries.

“The only way anybody wins is if we turn this thing around because this is the future of mankind in our hands,” Trozzi went on to say.

According to Bhakdi, the World Council for Health is “exposing the lies and disseminating the truth,” and that by doing so, “international scientific networking will be strengthened and concerted efforts will be made to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

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