Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

The poll implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

Executive summary

Rasmussen Reports has just released yet another damning poll regarding the COVID vaccine.

Their most recent survey, released on November 2 at 10:30 a.m. EST, confirms (yet again) that the COVID vaccine is a train wreck, the worst healthcare disaster in our lifetime.

The key findings:

47% personally know someone who has died as a result of the COVID virus.
24% personally know someone who died as a result of the COVID vaccine.
42% said they were somewhat or very likely to join a large class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects. That would make it by far the largest class action in US history.
I believe the vaccine death toll is overstated. I’ll explain why in a moment.

The big news is that if you believe 1 million people died from COVID, then this poll indicates that 500K died from the COVID vaccine.

When the 911 terrorist attacks killed nearly 3,000 people, it made national headlines. There are no headlines or investigations when the US government kills 500,000 Americans. This is the most important story in America right now.

The bottom line is that heads should roll. Now.


Earlier this year, I suggested to Rasmussen that it might be worthwhile to revisit COVID vaccine injuries.

They did it.

Why? Because they are one of the few trustworthy polling firms in the United States. Nobody else is interested in learning about vaccine injuries and deaths. Check the facts on that one.

As you can see below, the results are stunning.

Survey result data

The complete results (Excel spreadsheet with cross-tabs)

Take note of how the answers are very consistent across demographics (scroll horizontally).


Nearly half the people surveyed knew someone who died from the COVID virus

24% knew someone who died as a result of the vaccine. Unvaccinated people are more likely to report vaccine deaths (only about 30% of vaccinated people can recognize a “vaccine death”). So, if everyone was equally aware of these deaths, the number would be higher than 50%, which is comparable to the number of COVID deaths.

This is breathtaking. 42% were likely to participate in a class action lawsuit. This is a train derailment. This would be the largest class action lawsuit in American history. How is this possible with a vaccine that people were led to believe was safe and effective?

Implication to Pfizer and Moderna stock

I believe that this will eventually cause Moderna stock to plummet.

The number one reason: 42% would sue drug companies if they could. It would be the largest class action lawsuit in American history. However, Congress, whose job it is to protect drug companies, prohibits it. Aaron Siri, on the other hand, believes he can get around the protection and has filed a lawsuit to do so. Siri does not waste time on cases that he cannot win.

Here’s a rundown of the reasons:

Class action lawsuit is a stronger influencer than trust

Over 30% of people who got a shot were injured! This aligns with the 42% who would join a lawsuit.

And apparently I am not alone in thinking that Moderna stock is headed downward:

X followers’ thoughts on Moderna’s future

As a result, I’ve taken a large short position in Moderna stock because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, i.e., where I stand to lose if I’m wrong.

And I dare anyone to put money into Moderna right now. Who would when 42% of your customers are enraged by the product?

Don’t financial markets have a way of exposing the truth? Simply looking at Moderna’s stock price will tell you whether or not the Rasmussen poll is accurate.

The very sad reality is much worse than Rasmussen’s poll indicates because nearly half of respondents couldn’t see a vaccine injury even if it happened to them in their own family, as it did to Congressman Sean Casten, whose 17-year-old daughter Gwen died unexpectedly in a manner 100% consistent with a vaccine death. See also this article and this one. Did they ever rule out the COVID vaccine as a possible cause of Gwen’s death? No. They never even tested for it. They were adamant about not knowing. Why aren’t they curious? They pushed their daughter to take the lethal vaccine. They couldn’t live with themselves if they found out the truth. As a result, they did not look.

Worse, I called Sean Casten’s office to find out when Gwen was last vaccinated in order to expose the truth and end the speculation.

They called it “confidential.” Really? Why is this the case? She’d have to show her vaccination card if she wanted to eat at a restaurant.

Why is it suddenly secret now, after her death?

The last survey

This is from Rasmussen’s previous survey, which was conducted nearly a year ago. Do you see how the outcomes correspond?

A good scientific study yields reproducible results. That’s exactly what we’ve got here. A repeatable outcome.

The obvious conclusion is that the vaccine killed at least half as many people as COVID.

If you accept the 1 million deaths from COVID, that means the COVID vaccines have killed at least 500,000 Americans. Meanwhile, the CDC believes that the mRNA vaccines have killed only about 9 people.

The alternative math is that more than half know someone who died as a result of the vaccine, but only about half know how to spot a vaccine death (and it is near zero if you are a member of the press writing about a death). Thus, vaccine deaths are at least comparable to COVID deaths. However, COVID deaths were at least doubled (because hospitals were paid when they reported a COVID death, and the government was encouraging hospitals to kill people, so they labeled everything as a COVID death to maximize revenue). So, if we put on our red pill glasses, we’re looking at around 500,000 deaths caused by the vaccine.

If that’s the case, how come the results are so consistent a year later with a completely different population sample?

Someone is deceiving you. However, the mainstream media and medical community are unconcerned about who is telling the truth. They basically believe whatever the CDC says, despite the fact that it is disconnected from reality and the CDC’s refusal to allow anyone to challenge them. When I tried, I was quickly ghosted.

This was almost a year ago. Contrast this with the current results. They are extremely close. This means that the vaccine killed approximately 500,000 people.

Limitations of the survey

Vaccinations have been administered to 75% of the general public. Vaccinated people are terrible at estimating vaccine deaths. As a result, the 25% figure is likely underreported, and the vaccines have killed at least as many people as COVID.

How credible is the study?

Very. The 25% is the same as the 28% polled nearly a year ago. As a result, the results are repeatable.

The poll is dependent on people’s ability to assess vaccine injury or death, which means it undercounts vaccine injury.

Even with the undercounting, this poll indicates that vaccine deaths total at least 500,000 (since 50% saw COVID deaths, which are estimated to number in the millions). This is the blue pill calculation method (as opposed to the redpill method described above).

The figure of 500,000 vaccine deaths is very credible.

Do you still not believe me?

Create your own poll! A quick estimate can be obtained with an X poll.

Check out this new, simple method for determining the number of vaccine deaths.

The consistency across demographics is another way to validate the data. Look at this:

No matter how you slice the demographics, a very consistent 25% of people know someone who died as a result of the vaccine. This is a very strong signal that MUST NOT be ignored. If everyone was redpilled, the reality would most likely be twice that.

Replication attempts

Nobody will attempt to reproduce this poll. They will use fact checkers to discredit it and dupe the American people into believing the poll is flawed and biased.

That is why, if you are perplexed, you must conduct your own poll.

Or I can make it simple for you: those who refuse to try to replicate a study are the ones who are deceiving you.

Rasmussen is a very credible polling organization

They are the only major polling organization that has not been sucked into the narrative.

They are the ONLY polling organization to have ever asked these questions. Check the facts!!!

All other polling organizations are forbidden from asking questions like these because the results would be disturbing (aka “truth”).

Do you still not believe me? Try it out for yourself!

When we attempted to hire mainstream pollsters for similar surveys, we were politely informed that our survey could not be conducted. This is because data transparency is simply not permitted because it would upset the drug companies if the truth became public.

Nobody will conduct a “accurate” survey because they don’t want you to know Rasmussen was off the mark.

As a result, they will try to mislead you by claiming that the methodology is flawed, and so on. Despite this, Rasmussen is not losing clients. Why are they still in business if they are so bad? And why isn’t the “correct” answer shown to us? Why is it that no other polling company wants to ask these questions?

Can we examine the facts? Here’s a ranking from 538 (a major polling firm):

Rasmussen was in the top 5. Whoops! Ranking done by 538 which is owned by ABC News/Disney. Look where they ranked (near the bottom).

Whoops! Rasmussen was at #5. Look at where the LA Times, NY Times, and Wash Post were. Whoops!

Final was +2.1. Rasmussen got the closest at +2.

Here’s yet another example:

Whoops! Rasmussen was ranked third (with the lowest average error at the top). As a result, they must deceive you into believing otherwise, or the narrative will fall apart.

Rasmussen also tweeted about it.

This is why Rasmussen is trashed on Wikipedia. When this happens, you know you’ve gone off the rails because Wikipedia is entirely controlled by the narrative.

Wikipedia trashes everyone who goes against the narrative, just like me

Did you know that I went from being a good guy who received a National Caring Award from Hilary Clinton in Washington DC to having Wikipedia remove that award right after I spoke out against vaccines? That is documented in my page’s Wikipedia history. Check the facts on that one.

It is clear objective evidence that if you disagree with the narrative, you will be smeared on Wikipedia. Read this article to learn how Wikipedia turned me into an evil person in just four days.

Then promise me you will never again donate to Wikipedia. When you donate to Wikipedia, you are aiding false government propaganda. When I complained, they did not respond. They are not a reliable source of information. My entry is documented proof of that, and if you don’t believe me, you can check the Wayback Machine.

What you should inquire about

How many more people must die before the New York Times conducts its own poll?

Is it necessary to have 80% of the American public sign up for a class action lawsuit before Congress will hold hearings?

My question is, when will the first US state release record-level data for each individual (identified solely by their age range) showing vaccination history and date of death (if any)? If a state did that, we’d know the truth in 24 hours. See my article on Data Transparency for more information.

The problem is that only “misinformation spreaders” want the data released. Have you ever read an op-ed in the New York Times advocating for data transparency? That is not going to happen. Never. Certainly not in my lifetime. If there was data transparency, it would destroy the NY Times’s (already tenuous) credibility on the subject.

Why are people so afraid of discovering the truth?

The answer is simple: they don’t want their credibility to deteriorate. This is why they will never advocate for data transparency on other critical health issues such as whether vaccines (including the erroneously named vitamin K shot) cause autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and so on. The numbers show that they do, but no one will debate this publicly; RFK has been trying to have this debate for 20 years. Their job is to keep you in the dark by never requesting data transparency.

The excuse that it would violate privacy is utter nonsense. I disclosed the records for people on Medicare, and not a single person, dead or alive, complained.

What happens next

Who will be the first to point the finger?

Will this poll have any effect?

This survey should make a significant difference in any rational society where the government serves the people.

But we live in a society where Congress and regulators serve the drug companies rather than the people. That is why they keep healthcare data private, and why drug companies gain immunity even if they do not provide immunity (via their “vaccines”).

What will it take for Congress to act and demand the public release of public health data so that people can do their own research instead of “trusting the science?”

My forecast

Health officials, the mainstream media, the medical community, the CDC, the FDA, and members of Congress will mislead the public into believing the poll is untrustworthy. They are not going to try to replicate the poll.

They will wait for the first of the following to occur:

At least 15% of Congress is visibly harmed by vaccines.
A state health official releases the record level data so that the community can demonstrate that the vaccines were a failure (this will happen about an hour after the data is released). Unfortunately, no one is going to do this. There isn’t a single honest, courageous health official in the country.
The COVID vaccine has harmed at least 60% of Americans.


So far, the COVID vaccines have killed over 500,000 Americans.

This is becoming too large to conceal. Over the next few months, I’ll be revealing a lot more unfathomable information.

They will follow the same playbook: they will go after doctors who do not comply, mask mandates will be reinstated in California, all debates will be refused, censorship and gaslighting efforts will be increased, they will continue to mislead people into believing COVID is returning, vaccines will reduce their chances of death, and so on.

However, Moderna’s stock price reveals who is telling the truth. The stock will continue to fall as more people realize they have been duped. Money is a great way to gauge your faith in a belief. This is why only one man on the planet has accepted any of my debate challenges (Saar Wilf). And he will pay for it.

And we’ll have a new analysis out in less than 60 days that will persuade anyone with an open mind that they’ve been duped. Anyone can replicate that analysis in 24 hours using objective data collected by honest governments. When you show it to someone, it’s extremely simple and obvious. When that is released, we will see a lot of people switching sides and pointing fingers.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in obtaining an independent rough estimate of whether the Rasmussen survey was correct or not can use the method described in this article. Even though it can be done in minutes, I predict that nobody in the mainstream media will do it. Because of bias and gaming in X surveys, it’s a rough estimate, but it gives you a ballpark figure.

And don’t be concerned about anything unexpected happening to me. There are currently a dozen people working on this in secret, and things are going very well. So whatever happens to me will have no effect. The genie has escaped from the bottle. Even if I died unexpectedly, this train cannot be stopped. That would simply draw more attention to an issue that they wish to remain hidden.

Oh, and there’s one more thing. If they truly wanted to stop “misinformation,” they could simply release the record level data for each US state, as explained in this post.

Isn’t it ironic that only misinformation spreaders advocate for data transparency in public health? No one else. Not the media, not the medical community, not doctors, not members of Congress, and so on. What does that imply? It indicates that they do not want you to discover the truth.

Keep an eye out. The very best is yet to come!

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