The expensive place to live in — for dogs? See the priciest state to own a pooch

The study calculated the average cost of owning a Labrador retriever in the U.S.

The Sacramento Bee’s Hanh Truong contributed reporting.

According to a new MarketWatch Guides study, California is the most expensive state in which to own a dog.

It computes the average cost of owning a Labrador retriever, the most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club, assuming a lifespan of 11 years. These costs include one-time fees for vaccines, supplies, spay and neuter procedures, and medicine, as well as annual fees for insurance, grooming, food, checkups, toys, boarding, and emergency vet visits.

It should be noted that the ranking does not include data for Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Hawaii — which, according to the 2023 CNBC study, is the most expensive place to live for people. California came in second place on this list.

The study also omitted certain cost factors due to a lack of necessity or comprehensive data. This includes adoption fees, pet apartment fees, dog training, and specialty medical treatment.

Which states are the most and least expensive?

The average lifetime cost of owning a dog in the United States is $28,801, but in 13 states, the cost exceeds $30,000.

California was ranked as the most expensive, with a lifetime cost of $35,452. The study found that California has the highest prices for pet insurance, veterinary care, and dog food.

New York came in second at around $34,248, Massachusetts came in third at around $33,318 and New Jersey came in fourth at $32,947. At $32,894, Washington is the fifth most expensive state for dog ownership.

Oklahoma is the cheapest state to own a Labrador, with an average cost of around $24,844. According to the study, residents here pay less than the national average for vets, boarding, grooming, and supplies.

Mississippi is the second least expensive state at $25,104, and Indiana is third at $25,479.

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