UK talent-management company Outreach just hired an ex-Meta exec to be its managing director

  • Amy Bryant-Jeffries has joined the UK talent-management firm Outreach as managing director.
  • She was a lead of emerging-creator partnerships at Meta and previously worked at talent firm Gleam Futures.
  • Bryant-Jeffries wants to help talent expand beyond the digital space.

Amy Bryant-Jeffries, a former Meta executive, has been named managing director of the UK digital talent management firm Outreach Agency.

Outreach, founded in 2020 by Amy and Emilio Arciniega, has grown to an 18-person team with 50 employees.

Bryant-Jeffries will spearhead the agency’s strategic growth efforts as managing director, taking it into new sectors.

Bryant-Jeffries has 15 years of experience in creator partnerships, talent management, and public relations. She was most recently Meta’s Northern Europe lead for emerging talent partnerships. She got to know Outreach while there by working on projects with the company.

“They never cease to amaze me,” she told Insider. “Their passion, their drive, their commitment to their creators and helping them achieve great things, and the high quality service that they have really stood out to me.”

Bryant-Jeffries spent nearly seven years at the talent-management firm Gleam Futures, where she worked on partnerships and eventually became business director for talent and partnerships. She was instrumental in launching the careers of some of the UK’s most prominent creators of the 2010s, including Caspar Lee, Grace Victory, and The Buckleys, while at Gleam.

Going back to talent management in a leadership position means Bryant-Jeffries will be able to make an impact on a daily basis and help the agency grow.

“I was having a conversation with a creator who said that the industry needs more people like me in leadership, with the right experience and commitment to what this industry is,” she said, noting that the digital-talent-management space has exploded in recent years, with dozens of new players entering.

One of her primary goals is to assist Outreach creators in expanding beyond the digital space and into all forms of media and entertainment, as well as onboarding talent who began in traditional media to assist them in growing in the social and digital spheres.

Amy and Emilio Arciniega both expressed excitement about the expertise Bryant-Jeffries will bring to the company.

“We are thrilled to welcome Amy and for her to be leading the team on this next phase of our growth,” said Emilio. “Amy brings an unrivaled wealth of industry knowledge with her.” Her time at Gleam and now Meta has provided her with a unique perspective on the industry.”

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