4 freelancers share how they use AI to save time and make more money

  • These freelancers use AI to write content, generate blog ideas, and even write their books.
  • They say it can help them get through their tasks more efficiently — and save them money.
  • This is how they use it.

Amid concerns that generative AI will take people’s jobs, Morgan Stanley recently predicted that it would allow people to earn far more while working multiple part-time jobs.

Four freelancers told Insider how they used artificial intelligence to help them with everything from wedding planning to writing e-books.

In September 2020, Samantha North launched her blog, Digital Émigré. She tried using AI to help her write content last year, but it sounded nothing like her.

A blogger employs artificial intelligence to generate ideas and write sections of her posts.

Undaunted, North taught ChatGPT to write in her style and tone by importing her previous blog posts.

“I train it on my voice by feeding it three posts by me and asking it to describe to me the tone, voice, and style,” she went on to say. “I then instruct it to generate text in that style.” It may require a few adjustments, but I’ve found that it works well.”

Along with blog writing, she began using ChatGPT and Claude 2 to research search engine optimization and generate ideas. North instructed the chatbot to write blog introductions with the prompt “craft an introduction to a post about” the subject, “with a compelling hook, and make use of the copywriting framework PAS — which refers to problem, action, solution.”

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A wedding planner employs artificial intelligence to write speeches.

Jen Glantz owns a bridesmaid-for-hire company.

Working with a developer, she fed previous conversations she’d had with maids of honor and speeches she’d written into an AI tool she created, training it to ask relevant questions and write a first draft of the clients’ speeches.

“The tool is able to write speeches for clients within minutes instead of the one- to two-week turnaround that I used to offer when I did this manually,” she went on to say.

Glantz explained to Insider how she trained the tool and used AI to create marketing content.

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A couple uses artificial intelligence to write nonfiction e-books.

Angelina Stanzione and Chris Rawson, a married couple, began selling nonfiction books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing in 2019.

They initially hired ghostwriters to write their books. However, generative AI has since replaced ghostwriters.

The couple described how they used ChatGPT to create an outline for each section of their books and then used it to write a first draft of the book based on the outline.

“In the last six or so months, our costs have come down a lot just because of that,” Stanzione went on to say.

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