An OnlyFans cosplay creator who’s made $450,000 explains her strategy to earn money without nude content

  • Susann Alicia, or Liensue on OnlyFans, is a German creator known for her cosplay content.
  • Her content doesn’t feature any explicit nudity.
  • Here’s how she built a fanbase, and how much she makes.

Susann Alicia has spent nearly her entire life as a cosplayer.

Since she was a child, the 26-year-old German artist has been dressing up as her favorite TV show and manga characters and attending comic and video game conventions.

When she started university, she realized that all of her money was going toward her studies and bills, and she didn’t have enough money to make her own costumes, she told Insider.

“Cosplay is one of the most expensive hobbies you can have if you want to do it right,” said Susann, who prefers to remain anonymous for her own safety. “I’ve always wanted to do some more daring outfits and pictures.” I was already dressed provocatively, so I figured why not put it on the internet so more people could see it and maybe support me.”

She created an Instagram account with the stage name Liensue and a Patreon account. When the pandemic began, she learned about OnlyFans. She decided to give it a shot and earned more than $1,000 in her first month.

She earned approximately $450,000 in net revenue on the platform between January 2022 and September 2023, after OnlyFans’ 20% cut.

Susann earns money through a variety of platforms, including OnlyFans. She also has an e-commerce shop on Gumroad where she sells photo and video bundles. She’s made around $130,000 there. Susann also created accounts on popular subscription platforms in Germany, such as 4based and Best Fans, because many of her fans are German. Her most profitable is 4based, where she has earned $155,000. All income information was verified by an insider using documentation supplied by Susann.

Her revenue on OnlyFans is primarily derived from subscriptions and private messaging. Susann’s presence on the platform relies heavily on messaging fans.

She has two accounts on the platform: one is free and includes sneak peeks of her content and life, and the other is paid. The other is $10 for 30 days, after which the price rises to $20. This page contains more content and allows for more personal interaction with her. The paid page has approximately 600 fans, while the free page has over 36,000 fans.

Why does Susann avoid nudity?

Susann discovered that there is a desire for risqué content without the requirement of nudity. Its success, according to her, stems from leaving something to the imagination.

“I enjoy the teasing aspect.” “It’s a little mysterious, but it just adds to the fantasy,” she explained. That isn’t to say her content isn’t sexual; there is a strong erotic element to it, just not the nudity.

Susann also has a sizable Instagram following of 50,000 and a TikTok following of over 20,000, which helps drive fans to her subscription-only content.

She invests a lot of time and money in her content, and she considers herself an artist rather than a content creator. She can easily spend more than $1,000 on a new costume. She also hires a professional photographer and spends days editing the photos herself. She shares some of them on Instagram and saves the most intimate ones for OnlyFans.

She’s been able to make about six DIY cosplay costumes per year for the past few years, she claims.

Susann also stated that one of the keys to her success is that she strives to be personable. She combines her artsy content with a behind-the-scenes look at her everyday life on OnlyFans, allowing fans to get to know her better. She regularly creates long-form videos that she sends to fans privately and that can cost between $50 and $200 to view, according to her.

Susann spends a significant amount of time chatting with fans one-on-one, which she tries to do for two to four hours per day. However, she does not include explicit content in her private conversations. She does offer a personalized experience by roleplaying manga or video-game characters. She charges an additional fee for this type of content, but there are no set rates. She admits that she sometimes just lets the fans tip as much as they want.

Some of her fans have become regulars in her life. One of them even built her a desk and personally delivered it to her.

“I think the most important thing is to build a personal connection,” she said. “People may like your art, but you must establish a close connection with them so that they will support you in the long run.”

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