Bill Gates Vows To Inject Every African Child With New Deadly Meningitis-Causing Vaccine

In partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Gates-controlled GAVI will begin using biometric tracking technology to force-vaccinate African children with a Bill Gates malaria vaccine that contains deadly chemicals. The jab would give deadly meningitis to approximately one out of a hundred children receiving four doses of it.

Read this WEF announcement published last week:

Igor Chudov reports: The WEF article was written by Yoshinobu Nagamine, a Senior Manager of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and by Toby Norman, the CEO of Simprints, a biometrics recognition company sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

GAVI will use biometrics to enforce vaccination with a malaria vaccine called Mosquirix, or RTS,S/AS01.

This vaccine is very special. Three doses of it have no efficacy at all, even in preventing severe disease. Only the fourth dose makes vaccine effectiveness reach a meager 32%.

This is a life-threatening coverage gap, with vaccine efficacy against severe malaria plummeting from 32.2% to 1.1% if only three doses are received.

Preventing only 32% of cases of severe disease (if we are to believe studies sponsored by the manufacturer) makes this vaccine not very good at preventing malaria’s worst outcomes.


What Mosquirix is good at is causing meningitis in small children.

The WEF article completely omits any mention of that, despite mentioning the manufacturer-sponsored study of Mosquirix that tells us about meningitis.

Meningitis was reported as a serious adverse event in 16/5,949 and 1/2,974 children and in 9/4,358 and 3/2,179 infants in the RTS,S/AS01 and control groups, respectively.

The incidence of generalised convulsive seizures within 7 days of RTS,S/AS01 booster was 2·2 per 1000 doses in young infants and 2·5 per 1000 doses in children.

This is 2.5 cases of meningitis PER 1000 SHOTS of the vaccine! So, given that Bill Gates wants children to receive four shots of meningitis-causing Mosquirix, roughly one out of 100-150 children receiving four doses would end up having meningitis.

Meningitis, a potentially deadly brain and spinal cord inflammation, is a terrible disease with a mortality of 20-30%.

Bill Gates and GAVI want one out of 100 children to have meningitis from his “malaria vaccine,” preventing only 32% of severe malaria cases – and the meager protection works only during the small initial post-vaccination period!

Just like COVID vaccines, Mosquirix’s Effectiveness Wanes and Becomes Negative.

You probably remember how Covid vaccines, hailed as a sure tool to stop the pandemic, rapidly waned in effectiveness. After some time, the vaccinated people would have more cases of Covid than the unvaccinated ones.

The same thing applies to this Mosquirix vaccine. More vaccinated children get malaria after four years than unvaccinated ones:

An African child receiving four shots of the Mosquirix vaccine would have about a 1% chance of meningitis and eventually becomes MORE likely to get malaria than a similar unvaccinated child.

Is that a good deal for the child and their family? Hardly.

However, vaccinating Africa with Mosquirix would be an excellent outcome for Bill Gates — to promote biometric solutions he sponsored to control third-world citizens. Is that the actual goal of the project that otherwise sounds nonsensical?

Bill invested money in the biometric company Simprints, whose CEO authored the WEF article:

Bill Gates loves children! We know that for sure.

However, Bill’s love for children is very special, and I feel very sorry for every child who would receive his vaccines.

I also feel sorry for everyone who will unwillingly become a subject of Bill’s commercial biometric projects.

What do you think?

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