Bloom Energy trims dozens more jobs, Bay Area layoffs now top 100

A green energy company continues to lay off workers in the Bay Area.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Bloom Energy has revealed plans to cut dozens more jobs in the Bay Area, bringing the green energy company’s local layoffs past the 100 mark, according to new official state labor agency filings.

According to WARN notices Bloom filed with the state Employment Development Department, the company has now disclosed its decision to conduct at least two rounds of layoffs.

Bloom Energy has decided to cut 72 jobs in a new round of layoffs, according to the EDD WARN notices.

Here are the specifics on Bloom Energy’s most recent cost-cutting measures:

— 54 job cuts at the Bloom Energy headquarters in the Alviso neighborhood of north San Jose.

— Sunnyvale has 11 layoffs.

— Fremont has seven layoffs.

The WARN notices stated that the job cuts would take effect on or around November 1.

Prior layoff disclosures from Bloom Energy indicated that the company had decided to cut 47 positions, affecting employees in Fremont and Sunnyvale. Bloom Energy’s previous layoffs were scheduled for Oct. 23.

Bloom Energy has decided to cut 119 jobs in the Bay Area through two rounds of layoffs.

According to this news organization’s analysis of WARN notices sent to the EDD by tech companies, over nearly two years covering all of 2022 and so far in 2023, tech companies have decided to cut more than 29,300 jobs in the Bay Area.

In 2022, approximately 10,400 tech industry layoffs occurred in the Bay Area. As of Nov. 1, tech companies in the nine-county region had announced plans to cut approximately 18,900 jobs.

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