Chris Chung Joins CUBO Beverages as Head of Sales: A New Chapter in Beverage and Technology Growth

CUBO Beverages is thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Chung as our new Head of Sales. With a rich background in sales and a proven track record in various industries, Chris is poised to bring a new level of expertise and dynamism to our team.

Passionate about activities like intense gym sessions, hiking mountains in California, trail running, and Spartan races, he embodies the dynamic spirit we value. He complements his physical pursuits with meditation, a balanced diet, and biohacking techniques, including the use of CUBO Pods for daily nutrition. This synergy of professional acumen and a wellness-focused lifestyle makes Chris an invaluable addition to the Cubo team. We eagerly anticipate the unique perspective and vitality he brings to our journey.

A Seasoned Sales Expert:
Chris steps into this role backed by nearly two decades of experience in high-level sales. His journey through the echelons of a Fortune 500 company has honed his skills as a formidable sales hunter, known for his relentless pursuit of closing deals and impacting organizations positively.

Diverse Sector Experience:
Chris’s expertise isn’t limited to one industry. He has made significant strides in diverse sectors such as SaaS, insurance, government contracting, and more notably, in the hospitality and healthcare industries. This broad spectrum of experience is a valuable asset to CUBO, as we aim to expand our reach across various markets.

A Leader in Sales Strategy:
His ability to effectively communicate and influence at all organizational levels, including executive and C-level, is a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities. Chris is not just a sales leader; he’s a strategist, capable of steering our sales team towards unprecedented growth and success.

Driving Revenue and Market Expansion:
At CUBO, Chris will be pivotal in driving our revenue growth. His approach to sales is not just about numbers; it’s about creating lasting customer relationships and exploring new market opportunities, thereby solidifying our position in the competitive beverage and wellness industries.

What sets Chris apart is his integration of wellness principles into the sales domain. This unique approach aligns perfectly with CUBO’s mission, ensuring that our sales strategies not only target revenue growth but also resonate with our commitment to promoting a positive lifestyle. Chris’s dedication to a holistic lifestyle underscores this alignment.

Join us in welcoming Chris Chung to the CUBO family

We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the heights his expertise will take us.

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