Col. Kurtz to Gen. Smith: Let’s Nuke D.C.

“He’s gone completely insane,” General Eric M. Smith said of Col. Kurtz following what one source called a debate on the ethics of warfare that began with a respectful handshake and ended in a shocking betrayal.

Our source was not present at the meeting, so we can only share what Gen. Smith told staff upon returning to Camp Pendleton.

The meeting took place in a hotel suite in Coral Gables, Florida, last Friday afternoon, with Kurtz already alone in the room and sipping a glass of iced tea when the general and one of his longtime aides arrived. Gen. Smith was in full military dress, while Kurtz—a former Marine colonel who resigned in disgust after Biden stole the 2020 presidential election—wore khaki shorts and a tee shirt emblazoned with a “Fuck Joe Biden” decal.

Although they shook hands, Kurtz immediately tried asserting dominance by warning the general not to double-cross him, saying he could “take him” anytime he wanted. Marines do not betray other Marines, Gen. Smith assured him, but he also replied that even unarmed, he could defend himself adequately.

Gen Smith and Kurtz agreed the Deep State had to be neutralized before it could bring to fruition its plan to shift the United States into a one-world government and silence, enslave, or kill anti-globalists and patriots. However, any amicability between them devolved rapidly when Kurtz took umbrage at how President Trump and General Berger’s failure to avail themselves of appropriate countervailing force allowed the Deep State to entrench itself in politics, culture, and society.

Kurtz spoke without interruption for 15 minutes, elucidating on his decision to resign his commission at a time his country needed him the most. He had hoped that Trump and the White Hats would have, by any means necessary, thwarted Biden’s illegitimate presidency before it began, and accused Trump of squandering time as the regime solidified power and furthered plans to subjugate the citizenry. One tactical nuclear bomb dropped on D.C., in Kurtz’s opinion, could have averted three more years of Deep State oppression.  Kurtz had suggested the idea, but Gen. Berger rejected it as pure lunacy and recommended that Kurtz take leave to fix his head.

Kurtz said he chose to retreat into the shadows and build an army capable of striking at the heart of the Deep State without moral ambiguity or fear of political repercussions.

“General Smith said Kurtz’s eyes ‘were full of crazy’ and madness,” our source said. “Kurtz begrudges President Trump for not taking a sterner stance against the Deep State and for allowing ‘snakes’ back in his circle.”

Kurtz reportedly launched a lengthy rant about Ron DeSantis, calling him a weaselly, conniving, self-serving serpent who betrayed Trump and then wiggled his way back to Mar-a-Lago.  He faulted Trump for allowing enemies in his midst.  Gen. Smith reminded Kurtz that Trump operated according to his own plan and that it was Trump who empowered the White Hats to pursue and prosecute Deep State traitors.

“And where has that gotten you? You’re sitting on several hundred thousand indictments, but how many have you jailed—or hanged? Not enough. Meanwhile, our country, and we’ve both spilled our share of blood for it, has decayed, and our wealth shipped overseas, and our children taken. I do applaud your efforts—we fight for the same cause, but even you, General Smith, must realize stronger actions are now required,” Col. Kurtz had told General Smith, per his recollection of the meeting.

Kurtz said Gen. Smith had at his fingertips the power and authority to “end the nightmare.” He knew that General Berger gave Gen. Smith the command codes to the country’s nuclear triad when he retired.

“Let’s make D.C. glow in the dark. You can do what Trump and Berger wouldn’t,” Kurtz had said. “We’re at war; there are no rules.”

“Gen. Smith told him that would never happen and even suggested it was insanity. Kurtz said he didn’t think Gen. Smith had the courage to do what was really necessary to fix the country,” our source said.

With or without nukes, Kurtz said he would expend his last breath fighting the Deep State, and he claimed to have an enormous arsenal and 50,000 men at his disposal. He said he had been biding his time patiently, recruiting foot soldiers willing to take the fight to the “next level,” even if it meant civilian casualties.

Gen. Smith asked him why 50,000 Armed Forces personnel would follow an ex-Marine of questionable integrity.

“Who says they’re all military? Many could be average citizens who have heard the call to arms. We’re among you, General Smith. Nothing you plan escapes my notice. We Red Hats are now at full strength. I didn’t expect you to see things rationally, but I still hoped, just maybe. I’m glad we’re face-to-face; I see in your eyes you and I share the same goal. Just let us do what must be done, and we won’t intrude on you,” Kurtz had said.

“Do what must be done? Like causing an earthquake that could’ve killed thousands all over a mythical particle accelerator in some underground cavern?” the general said.

“It was there, and they would’ve used it to open the gates of Hell. You destroy a few laser planes and call that an accomplishment. What I did was stave off oblivion. And I’m far from done,” Kurtz told the general.

“Then I guess our meeting is over,” Gen. Smith said.

Both men stood, this time without a handshake. Kurtz flashed a toothy smile and glanced at the general’s aide.

“Your forces are bifurcating,” Kurtz said as the general’s aide stepped forward and stood beside him. “He’s one of us. I told you—we are all around you.”

Smith, our source said, glanced menacingly at both men. “This is how it is?”

“It’s how it has been,” the aide said.

“And will be,” Kurtz added.

Our source said: “It’s clear Kurtz has pull. Gen. Smith was of course caught off guard at the end. Our job continues, and we’re praying Kurtz doesn’t bring his war into the streets of America.”

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