Google tells staff it will ask them for feedback weekly as it reboots its famous ‘Googlegeist’ survey

  • Google is shaking up its annual employee survey.
  • Employees will now be surveyed on a weekly basis.
  • Google will release a company-wide report on the data in December.

As the company’s internal survey is restarted, Google will begin soliciting feedback from employees on a weekly basis.

The annual “Googlegeist” survey has long served as a way for employees to anonymously share their thoughts on leadership, compensation, and their teams.

According to a person who attended the meeting, Google’s chief people officer, Fiona Cicconi, told employees in an all-hands meeting on Thursday that the new Googlegeist would be sent more frequently, with employees receiving two questions every Tuesday.

She stated that a report on the company’s overall results will be released in December. Staff feedback will be kept strictly confidential.

A Google representative declined to comment.

Google had previously stated that it intended to make the survey more frequent.

The Googlegeist reboot coincides with a cultural shift at the company, following layoffs in January and a greater emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Cicconi stated in a previous all-hands meeting in May that leaders were considering ways to “act faster on pressure data with more relevant feedback.”

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