Interstate 880 repaving through Fremont may be delayed into next year: Roadshow

In addition, Interstate 680 southbound will be closed this weekend.

Q: I read earlier this year that Caltrans intended to resurface Interstate 880 north of Fremont in September.

We’re already in November, and nothing has changed. The stretch between Stevenson Boulevard and Thornton is atrocious. I am a “gentle” driver, but I broke an axle and had to purchase a new car! Do you have any new information about that project? We are expecting another wet winter, and the road is already hazardous in its current condition.

Please don’t tell me they’re going to leave it for another winter!

I also see that they intend to pave the Dumbarton Bridge eastbound. The bridge itself isn’t bad, but the section between the bridge and Newark Boulevard is horrendous, especially beginning just before the old toll booths and continuing through the Thornton offramp. They had previously paved some of it, but it had failed and there are now massive potholes and ruts everywhere. People bob and weave in an attempt to avoid the worst, and they resemble drunken sailors.

Please request that Caltrans pave the entire eastbound section east of the bridge, not just the bridge itself.

Mercer, Lynne

A: I’ll forward your feedback to Caltrans. And…

Q: I asked Caltrans a few months ago when they planned to repave 880 in Fremont, particularly northbound between Mowry and Thornton. You said it was going to happen earlier this year, but nothing has happened yet. If it doesn’t happen before the rains, things will only get worse.

Please send a polite reminder to Caltrans.

Newark’s Sherry Hughes

A: I forwarded your reminder to Janis, the Alameda County Caltrans spokesperson. She stated that Caltrans is working to begin repaving, but that due to contractor availability and weather, this work may not begin until next year.

Q: Eastbound 580 over the Altamont has lights installed, but they are never turned on. Do you know why they’re there and not being used?

Manteca resident Tom Beidatsch

A: PG&E is in the process of connecting the traffic lights on eastbound 580 from North Flynn Road to Grant Line Road. If everything goes as planned, Caltrans expects the project to be completed by the end of the year.

In other Alameda County news, Caltrans will close southbound 680 between the 580/680 interchange in Pleasanton and Highway 84 in Sunol for repaving this weekend, from 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 3 to 4 a.m. Monday, Nov. 6. The weekend closure allows repaving crews to work and saves three months of nighttime road closures.

Visit CalTrans’ project webpage for more information on the closure, including detours. You can also call the Caltrans hotline at (510) 286-0319 for assistance.

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