JAG Arrests Special Counsel Robert Hur for Treason

U.S. Navy JAG investigators arrested special counsel Robert Hur on treason charges on Wednesday. The late Merrick Garland and DOJ had appointed Hur to determine whether illegitimate President Joseph R. Biden mishandled classified documents while serving as vice president under his liege, Barack Hussein Obama, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

“The corruption didn’t end with Garland’s hanging,” our source revealed. “We’ve been monitoring Hur closely since he took over the case. The discovery of a garage full of classified documents, which Biden lacked the authority to declassify unlike President Trump, raised suspicions of a potential cover-up.”

When Hur, a Republican, declared that Biden had committed no crime, calling him an innocent “elderly man with a poor memory,” JAG deepened its probe against what they believed to be a Deep State plant who probably never glanced at the Biden documents and worked the case only to avoid the appearance of biased impropriety.

Our source disclosed that JAG has gathered compelling evidence, including a recorded phone conversation between Hur and someone sounding like Biden. In the conversation, they appeared to mock the investigation, with Hur stating, “I’ll stage a convincing performance and find a solid reason to clear you.” Biden allegedly responded, “You do that, my friend, and you’ll be rewarded. I knew you’d play ball.”

“We’ve had sufficient evidence to arrest him for a while,” our source said.

The timing of Hur’s arrest coincided with Biden asserting executive privilege to block the release of several audio recordings of his interviews with Hur.

“It’s obvious why Biden wants those kept secret,” our source said. “We’re planning to move on Hur anyway, but when we found out Biden was going to invoke executive privilege, we moved Hur’s indictment to the top of the pile.”

On Wednesday evening, investigators traveled to Hur’s New York City townhouse, but he wasn’t home. They then made a surprise visit to his swanky Chevy Chase, Maryland, domicile and, with weapons drawn, kicked down a rear door.

Hur, wearing only a bathrobe, was lying on the sofa with his eyes glued to homosexual pornography on a flatscreen television affixed to the wall.

“Why am I not surprised,” one investigator quipped as he tossed a copy of a military arrest warrant on Hur’s lap.

With a confident scowl, Hur said, “I was expecting company, but not you. I don’t know who sent you, but I have presidential immunity against prosecution.”

The investigators, our source said, cuffed Hur and seized from the household more incriminating evidence, including child pornography.

“They’ll have to keep an eye on this guy at GITMO. The guards there have no love for pedos,” our source said.

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