Mountain West power ratings: Air Force takes the top spot as Boise State drops

The Falcons beat Wyoming, which beat Fresno State (which is probably the best team)

Last season, the Hotline published weekly ‘Best of the West’ power ratings that included teams from the Mountain West and Brigham Young in addition to the Pac-12. We’re adding a MW-specific column to our lineup this season because the exercise was so popular.

(All times are in Pacific)

1. Air Force (6-0/4-0)

3 last week The final score was 34-27 in favor of Wyoming. Next up: Navy (9 a.m. ET on CBS). Full disclosure: The Falcons are ranked 20th in my Associated Press ballot, which was submitted on Saturday night. And they are the only representatives for the MW.

2. Wyoming (5-2/2-1)

1 last week Air Force was defeated 34-27. Next up: idling. Comment: Winning in Colorado Springs just one week after defeating Fresno State proved too difficult for the Cowboys. We were impressed with how they matched the Falcons point for point late in the fourth quarter.

3. Fresno State (6-1/2-1)

2 last week Result: Utah State won 37-32. Next up: idling. Comment: Given Boise State’s obvious mediocrity and San Diego State’s obvious shortcomings, the Bulldogs should be heavy favorites in the remaining games. So, unless something unexpected happens, let’s assume 11-1.

4. Colorado State (3-3/1-1)

6 last week Boise State was defeated 31-30. Following that, at UNLV (4 p.m. on the MW Network), For those who are unaware, the Rams stunned BSU with three touchdowns in the final four minutes. The rally ended with a 32-second 88-yard drive that included a 33-yard touchdown pass as time expired. Wow. Wow, just wow.

5. Utah State (3-4/1-2)

5 last week The final score was 37-32 in favor of Fresno State. Next up is a game against San Jose State (4 p.m. on CBS Sports Network). The Aggies’ record is more than a little deceiving. Their four losses have come against teams with a combined record of 24-2 (Iowa, James Madison, Air Force, and Fresno State). That’s correct, 24-2.

6. Boise State (3-4/2-1)

4 last week Colorado State was defeated 31-30. Next up: idling. Comment: The Broncos have only lost five or more games twice this century, once in Chris Petersen’s final season (2013) and once in Andy Avalos’ first (2021). With a busy schedule ahead, there are plenty of opportunities for another dive to five.

7. San Jose State (2-5/1-2)

The game was won 52-24 in New Mexico. Next up: a game against Utah State (4 p.m. on CBS Sports Network). Comment: If the Spartans win this week, they have a real chance to make the playoffs. If they lose this week, their margin for error disappears, putting them in a perilous position with Fresno State on the horizon.

8. UNLV (5-1/2-0)

8 last week Result: 45-27 victory in Nevada Next up: a game against Colorado State (4 p.m. on the MW Network). Comment: For UNLV to win five of its first six games is a minor miracle. However, taking the next step, winning No. 6, will be more difficult than it appears.

9. San Diego State (3-4/1-2)

9 last week The game was won 41-34 in Hawaii. Next up: a game against Nevada (6 p.m. on FS2). Comment: It’s a good time to remind fans that the Aztecs have a 13-game season with five chances to win three games. Because they require any and all opportunities.

10. Hawaii (2-5/0-2)

10 last week The final score was 41-34 in favor of San Diego State. Next up: a game against New Mexico (3 p.m. on Spectrum Sports). Comment: A winless conference season could be decided by Hawaii’s trip to Reno in early November, because another victory is unlikely.

11. New Mexico (2-4/0-2)

11 last week The final score was 52-24 in favor of San Jose State. Next up: a game against Hawaii (3 p.m. on Spectrum Sports). Comment: Coaching adjustments are overemphasized, unless a three-point halftime lead turns into a 28-point loss. Then, too little emphasis is placed on coaching adjustments.

12. Nevada (0-6/0-2)

12 last week The final score was 45-27 in favor of UNLV. Next up: a game against San Diego State (6 p.m. on FS2). Nevada and Sam Houston are the only major college football teams without a win. That’s all. Only those two.

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