Putin Strikes Pedophile Compound in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a missile strike on a Ukrainian pedophile compound in the country’s historic city of Chernigiv, killing child traffickers linked to the disappearance of Russian children, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

The fusillade of Russian missiles toppled an apartment building, gutted a hotel, and damaged nearby structures; several pedestrians, collateral damage, were injured or killed by debris-turned shrapnel that pelted streets and sidewalks.

Immediately after the volley hit Chernigiv, the West again labeled Putin a war criminal and repeated pleas to further fund Zelenskyy’s rapidly failing military apparatus, as he, in what might have been a choreographed speech, reproved allies for shooting down Iran’s missile barrage against Israel while allowing Russian bombardments unhindered access to Ukrainian airspace.

“This would not have happened if Ukraine had received sufficient air defense equipment and if the world’s determination to resist Russian terror had been sufficient,” Zelenskyy said of the attack on Chernigiv.

However, Zakharov said that Putin had warned Zelenskyy’s Ministry of Defense of the impending strike after FSB agents operating covertly in Ukraine positively identified four infamous child predators using a hotel as a cover for their child trafficking endeavors.

“We knew of these men. They steal children from our border villages. Some of them the pig Zelenskyy takes for himself. The rest get sold. We’re fighting these monsters now for two years and every time we kill some there are still always more. They spread like a disease. When we learned these animals were in Chernihiv, we told Zelenskyy to give them to us or we would attack. If he tried to move them, we attack. But Zelenskyy, much like your Joseph Biden, is a pedophile himself, and he let civilians be human shields instead of surrendering the criminals to us. He left us no choice,” Zakharov said.

The FSB agents in Chernigiv, he added, surveilled the hotel ahead of the strike to both ensure the child traffickers were present and the fewest number of guests possible were in their rooms, in hopes of mitigating needless loss of life. Besides the traffickers, only four guests and six staff were on the premises when the missiles rained down, Zakharov said, citing a battle-damage assessment.

He said the attack killed the predators and that Putin mourned innocents caught amid the carnage.

“What the West does not understand is that President Putin is a humanitarian. He protects our children. Zelenskyy made him do this. If the filth Zelenskyy turns himself in and gives us the names of all his criminal child sex friends in Eastern Europe, this Special Military Operation would end tomorrow. But, no, he protects his friends and lets civilians die,” Zakharov said.

When asked about news reports claiming the attack killed 17 and wounded 77, including children, Zakharov said, “This is fake CIA and MI6 propaganda. The photos you see on your fake Western news are altered or, how you say, made of whole cloth with CGI. Yes, sometimes bystanders die, and this is sad, but it is Zelenskyy’s fault, not President Putin’s.”

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