Trump stopped wearing medical masks during COVID because they smeared his bronzer, White House aide says in book

According to a former White House aide, Trump stopped wearing medical masks during the COVID-19 pandemic because they ruined his signature makeup.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a senior assistant to former chief of staff Mark Meadows, writes in her memoir “Enough” that the former president once chose a white mask to wear during a visit to the Honeywell mask manufacturing facility in May 2020. Hutchinson, however, suggested in a book excerpt published by The Guardian that he not wear that particular mask.

“I pointed at the straps of the N95 I was holding,” she states. “When he looked at the straps of his mask, he saw they were covered in bronzer.”

“Why did no one else tell me that?” He allegedly snapped. “I’m not wearing this thing.”

Hutchinson laments that reporters were unaware that “the depth of his vanity had caused him to reject masks,” which led Trump supporters to forego covering their own faces during the pandemic that killed over a million Americans.

Trump did, however, wear a mask on occasion. He was first seen wearing one while visiting service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in July 2020, where the then-president stated that masks were acceptable in “appropriate locations.”

That same month, Trump boasted about wearing a mask that made him look like the Lone Ranger, whose mask did not cover the cowboy’s mouth or nose.

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