What if my car is stuck in the repair shop and my DMV registration is coming up? Roadshow

Plus: Readers respond to how loading bikes and passengers quicker can improve Caltrain commute

Q: In March 2023, my 2011 Acura MDX was involved in a minor fender-bender. The car was damaged and has been in a (recommended by insurance) repair shop since March 30. They repaired all of the parts in one week, but the driver’s seat belt is on back order and we have no idea when it will arrive. Without that seat belt, the car has been stuck in the shop since it arrived.

My DMV registration expires in November. Certification for smog is required. What can I do about my car registration if I can’t drive it to the smog station without wearing a seat belt?

Tushar Patel’s

A: If you do not have all of the required documentation, such as a smog certificate or proof of insurance, the DMV recommends that you pay the fees on or before the vehicle registration expiration date to avoid penalties. You will be given a receipt outlining what is required to complete the registration application. This receipt does not authorize vehicle operation, but it does avoid penalty fees.

Q: You published a letter from a Caltrain and bike rider who made a helpful suggestion for loading bikes and passengers faster. You responded, saying that the letter’s appearance in your column was raising awareness of the train-loading issue. I strongly disagree. While many people read and appreciate your column, they may not read it every day or retain the information for years.

It would be preferable if this improved train-loading advice was displayed every time a Caltrain bike car was used. Caltrain would put up signs on the outside and inside of the bike cars, and the conductors would enforce/suggest the advice.

Los Altos Hills resident Steve Kelem

A: And…

Q: If Caltrain doesn’t already have them, why don’t they put signs on the bike car indicating that it’s only for bike riders?

Hamblin, John

A: According to Caltrain, any seat on the train is legally available to any passenger. According to the responses I’ve received, other riders benefit as well when bike riders who need more time to load their bikes can do so as easily as possible. There might be ways to recommend instead of restrict.

Q: Could you please remind drivers not to use their high beams while driving? They cause oncoming traffic to be blinded. If you notice a blue light on your dashboard or oncoming vehicles flashing their lights at you, please check your high beams. In addition, driving with high beams is illegal in town. I see it far too frequently.

Graff, Dave

A: A timely reminder.

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