White Hats Prep for Outcome of Unlawful “Hush Money” Trial

White Hat sources told Real Raw News that the White Hats’ response to a Trump conviction hinges on the president’s messaging and the severity of his sentence.

Closing arguments in the unlawful “hush money” trial concluded yesterday with Trump’s legal team scorching the credibility of prosecution witnesses Stormy Daniels, a burnt-out porn actress, and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Deep State prosecutor Joshua Steinglass spent four hours pontificating on Trump’s guilt, saying, more or less, that the State met the definition of burden of proof and that Trump, remorseless and culpable, must face prison to learn a lesson.

By the time this article is published, Judge Juan Merchan will soon instruct the jury—likely comprised of raging Democrats—on deliberation protocol. Pundits anticipate deliberations could last between three hours and three days. An acquittal seems doubtful given the venue’s irrational hatred for President Trump—he helped build New York City—but a hung jury, which would result in a mistrial, is a far more likely possibility. If so, the State’s embarrassment would preclude retrying the case until 2028 following Trump’s official reinstatement to the Oval Office and completion of his second term. And by then, sources say, the Deep State will be obsolete, demoted to a historical footnote, and corrupt judges, prosecutors, and jurors will have been hanged.

Sources, though, answered evasively when asked what White Hats would deem a measured response to Merchan sentencing Trump to prison time.

“There’s no set of circumstances in which President Trump himself sets foot in a jail cell,” one source said. “Merchan is evil, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. He knows handing down prison time would accelerate a civil war—the Deep State wants one, but not yet. Also, Trump’s the most protected man in the world. Read into that what you will. I can’t telegraph specific answers that would give the Deep State a heads up to our plans.”

A second source, this one at Fort Liberty, said President Trump and the White Hats protecting him have the ability to communicate even if the Deep State places Trump in isolation.

“It might seem the Cabal has the upper hand. But that’s an illusion. President Trump has anticipated every Deep State move and planned for every contingency. He’s in that court because he wants to be—to draw out the traitors, to expose them. In a worst case, or doomsday, scenario, we would sound the EBS, but that happens only with President Trump’s consent and the astronomically remote chance he’s behind bars,” the source said.

However, Trump has said he is willing to sacrifice his freedom—essentially martyring himself—to expose the unconstitutionality of the Deep State courts.

“And frankly, you know what, our Constitution is much more important than jail. It’s not even close. I’ll do that sacrifice any day,” President Trump said on May 6.

A third source at General David H. Berger’s Mar-a-Lago office told Real Raw News that 5,000 White Hats currently in New York City stand ready to protect President Trump and the Republic and stop the Deep State’s encroachment on liberty.

“Should things go south or become a clusterfuck, and if Trump gives the sign, we’re prepped to occupy the cesspool and raze it to the ground if necessary. And do you know what? Those jurors’ identities aren’t a secret to us,” he said.

Although his aggressive language could be hyperbolic, it’s clear that White Hats take seriously threats to President Trump’s freedom and will respond to them based on the outcome of jury deliberations.

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