Why Is No One Concerned About the Fact That Russia Is Doing Nuclear Exercises on the Ukraine Border?

by Andrew Anglin –  MAY 22, 2024

The West has made it clear that they are absolutely willing to risk a nuclear war in their quest to dominate the former eastern Ukraine.

The situation draws attention to the fact that the people running the Western world are not simply diabolical, but also inconceivably stupid. It’s been said a million times, but there is no strategic relevance for the West to the eastern Ukraine. It’s extremely relevant to the Russians, of course, which is why the Americans were interested in it. They were attempting to use the conflict in the Ukraine to cause a collapse of the Russian state. The issue, however, is that this did not work. The Russian state did not collapse.

There is now very serious confusion as to what the purpose of the war actually is. It is clearly impossible for the Ukraine to win. No one is even making that claim anymore. Instead, the West is talking about escalating to some kind of nuclear situation.

No one has any idea what the logic of this is. All we can do is observe their actions. Their statements don’t mean anything.

I wouldn’t claim to know what is actually going on. But the thing appears to be running on inertia.

There is:

  • Massive graft in the US and the Ukraine
  • Jewish hatred for Russia
  • Arms industry lobbying
  • NATO leadership obsession with war
  • US desire to weaken Europe
  • A general American policy of always being at war with someone
  • Sunk costs
  • Actual lunatics who want to escalate to a World War and/or believe that Russia is attempting to reestablish a Christian version of the Soviet Union

There doesn’t seem to be any core logic. It’s just these various different factors.

Much of it is the same sort of thing that kept the US involved in Afghanistan for so long. It’s just that in Afghanistan, there were effectively zero stakes. In the situation in the Ukraine, the stakes are potentially nuclear war, which could kill billions of people.

NOTE: I don’t believe the gibberish about nuclear winter and I’m not convinced that all of the nukes would be fired. I recently watched part of an interview with that mulatto guy from the UK and some woman who wrote a book about nuclear war.


It was pretty boring. Just basically 1980s propaganda. Would everyone actually fire all the nukes if one nuke was fired? I seriously doubt it. And even if they did, the whole “nuclear winter” thing is not even real.

In an act of pure masochism, I recently reread “The Road” by my all time favorite writer Cormac McCarthy. (I am being sarcastic. McCarthy is the worst writer and a Biden-tier blight on the Irish race.) This sort of thing is just goofbally. A nuclear war would actually probably be a good thing.

But I don’t think whoever is in charge actually wants a nuclear war. Again, we don’t know. We don’t even really know who is in charge. Apparently, it is Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and then secondarily, some people like David Cameron and Boris Johnson. It appears to make sense that these people are in charge, and they are just very dumb.

To be clear, “tactical nuclear weapon” is jargon that basically means a small bomb. The US has said that if Russia hit the Ukraine with such a bomb, they would not nuke Russia, but would blow up their entire navy. That’s what David Petraeus said, at least, and he appeared to be speaking in a semi-official capacity – kind of playing a spokesman role.

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