Amazon CEO Andy Jassy now has 16 direct reports. See the growing and evolving list here, including a newly promoted executive from Alexa.

  • Amazon CEO Andy Jassy recently expanded his group of direct reports.
  • This group now includes an exec who is leading a team working on Amazon’s most ambitious AI models.
  • Jassy has added at least 8 new executives to his direct reports since becoming CEO in 2021.

Amazon recently established a new AI division that reports to CEO Andy Jassy. Rohit Prasad, SVP and head scientist for Alexa, leads that team.

Prasad joins a group of top executives who report directly to Jassy as part of this transition. Retail CEO Doug Herrington, cloud CEO Adam Selipsky, and chief financial officer Brian Olsavsky are also on the board.

There are a lot of new faces in this group. Jassy has added or replaced at least eight executives to his top leadership team in the two years since he became CEO. In July 2021, Business Insider published a list of his direct reports, which you can compare to the new group listed below. (Jassy’s direct reports are different from the S-team, a group of more than two dozen most senior decision-makers at Amazon).

The modifications reflect a rapidly changing business environment.In the last year, generative AI has taken the industry by storm, and Prasad’s rise is part of this new tech boom. Internal turmoil has also occurred as a result of massive layoffs and the departure of some of Amazon’s most tenured and powerful executives.

Among the high-profile executives who left during that time period were retail CEO Dave Clark, press and policy chief Jay Carney, and entertainment chief Jeff Blackburn. Shortly after becoming CEO, Jassy promoted his long-time technical confidant James Hamilton to direct report, while Mike Hopkins, SVP of Amazon Studios and Videos, rejoined the group following Blackburn’s departure last year.

Eric Remling, VP of global specialty fulfillment, is the newest technical advisor. He is also known as the “shadow” for accompanying the CEO to every meeting as a sort of chief of staff.

Here are the 16 executives reporting directly to Jassy:

  • Adam Selipsky, CEO, AWS
  • Beth Galetti, SVP, People Experience and Tech
  • Brian Olsavsky, SVP & CFO
  • Dave Limp, SVP, Amazon Devices and Services
  • David Zapolsky, SVP & General Counsel
  • Doug Herrington, CEO, WW Amazon Stores
  • Drew Herdener, SVP, WW Communications
  • Eric Rimling, VP, Technical Advisor
  • James Hamilton, SVP, Distinguished Engineer
  • Mike Hopkins, SVP, Amazon Video and Studios
  • Paul Kotas, SVP, Ads, IMDb, Grand Challenge
  • Peter Krawiec, SVP, WW Corporate Development
  • Rohit Prasad, SVP, Head Scientist, Alexa
  • Stacey Pistole, Executive Business Partner
  • Steve Boom, VP, Audio, Twitch and Games, WW Amazon Music
  • Steve Schmidt, Chief Security Officer

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