COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia

A bloody mess costing hospitalizations and lives

There are over 1000 peer-reviewed papers describing side effects after mRNA or adenoviral DNA COVID-19 vaccination in the preprint server system and/or the National Library of Medicine (PUBMED). Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) is one of the most feared complications.
Because the Spike protein produced in response to the vaccine genetic code causes hemagglutination and micro blood clotting, platelets are antigenically presented to the spleen and reticuloendothelial system in abundance. As a result, the body generates autoantibodies against a platelet receptor (PF4) that shares homology with an endothelial protein. This results in platelet “pinning” by autoantibodies to the lining of blood vessel cells, resulting in platelet consumption, blood clotting, and bleeding all at the same time.

Unlucky victims are fine for a few weeks following vaccination. Then, bleeding from the oral and nasal mucosa is common, along with bruising under the skin, and serious blood clotting occurs within the brain and elsewhere in the body. The majority of patients are in critical condition in the hospital as doctors attempt a variety of medical and interventional maneuvers to combat simultaneous clotting and bleeding.

As you might expect, for some people, the process is overwhelming, and no matter how much critical care support is provided, the patient dies.[i] The figure depicts the obituary of Mrs. Jessica Berg, 37, a previously healthy and vibrant mother.[ii] It denotes that she died as a result of VITT.

To her left is a paper titled “Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia: The shady side of a success story.[iii]” by Tsilingiris et al. The authors never define “success” in the title, but it is clear that schools, employers, and the military are “shady” when they fail to adequately warn people about the dangers of forced mass vaccination. VITT is not described by television commercials, internet promotions, or consent forms. Ms. Berg and her family were unable to obtain informed consent.

A treatment pathway that doctors commonly use to treat patients in the hospital is described to her right. As in her case, many patients (39%) die prematurely and bloodily, leaving more questions than answers. How could this possibly have been predicted? Is VITT linked to previous heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (or a similar syndrome)? What is the most effective first blood thinner? Why aren’t patients with prior blood disorders exempted from such a heinous threat? In the future, ask your doctor about VITT and how to avoid it. Show a copy of Ms. Berg’s obituary and start a critical conversation if you get a blank look or a queasy uncomfortable expression.
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