COVID Vaccines and Future Boosters Are ‘Not Safe for Human Use’: Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies in EU Parliament

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has asked European lawmakers to recall COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that they are to blame for a slew of illnesses such as heart inflammation, blood clots, and neurological diseases.
“COVID-19 vaccines, as well as all of their offspring and future boosters, are not safe for human consumption.” “I implore you, as a governing body, European Medicines Agency (EMA), to apply all necessary pressure and urgency to remove the COVID-19 vaccines from the market,” Dr. McCullough said in testimony to the European Parliament on September 13. “In the United States, jurisdiction by jurisdiction, probably state by state, will remove them from the market if the federal government does not.” It will happen all over the world.”
Dr. McCullough described his knowledge of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines as “horrifying.” According to him, 94 percent of Americans who received COVID-19 vaccines also received an mRNA vaccine.

“There isn’t a single study that shows the messenger RNA is broken down” in the human body after injection, he claims. “There’s not a study showing it leaves the body.” Because the vaccines are “made synthetically, it cannot be broken down.”

“We have the spike protein—the lethal protein found in the human body after vaccination from vaccines—circulating for at least six months, if not longer.” And if people take an injection in the next six months, there will be another installation of potentially lethal protein circulating.”

The World Council for Health issued a pharmacovigilance report last year after reviewing 39 global safety databases, requesting that all COVID-19 vaccines be removed from the market “for excess risk of death,” according to the doctor.

According to him, the spike protein has been “proven” in 3,400 peer-reviewed manuscripts to cause four major domains of disease: cardiovascular, neurological, blood clots, and immunological abnormalities.

“The first is cardiovascular disease, also known as heart inflammation or myocarditis. “Every regulatory agency concurs that the vaccines cause myocarditis,” he said. “For years, we’ve had guidelines in cardiology, when there is myocarditis, whether it’s symptomatic or not, people cannot exert themselves in athletics, it will cause a cardiac arrest.”

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“Yet, across Europe and the United States, sports leagues were injecting these vaccines into young people who had no medical necessity, no clinical indication, and we have seen a montage of cardiac arrests in young people.” As a cardiologist, I can assure you that these cardiac arrests are caused by the COVID-19 vaccine until proven otherwise.”

Ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, small fiber neuropathy, numbness and tingling, ringing in the ears, and headaches are examples of neurologic diseases.

The third domain of disease is blood clots “like we’ve never seen before.”

“In human medicine, the spike protein is the most thrombogenic protein we’ve ever seen.” It can be found in blood clots. Blood clots are caused by the spike protein. Blood clots that are larger and more resistant to blood thinners than has ever been seen in human medicine. I have patients who have had blood clots for over two years and they will not dissolve with conventional blood thinners because of these vaccines.”

Immunological abnormalities, according to Dr. McCullough, can include illnesses such as “vaccine-induced” thrombocytopenia, a condition in which a person’s blood platelet count is low, and multisystem inflammatory disorder, a condition associated with COVID-19 in which different parts of the body become inflamed.

The doctor referred to the mRNA vaccine as “the genetic code for the potentially lethal spike protein part of the virus” and went on to say “it was the worst idea ever to install the genetic code by injection and allow unbridled production of a potentially lethal protein in the human body for an uncontrolled duration of time.”
CDC Vaccine and the World Health Organization
Dr. McCullough’s speech comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States recommended this week that nearly all Americans get the new, updated COVID-19 shots.
“CDC is now recommending updated COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 6 months and older to better protect you and your loved ones,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen, the agency’s director.

Dr. Robert Malone, who helped develop the technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, recently stated his opposition to recommending new COVID-19 vaccines.

“We have a lack of data to support this decision,” he said in an EpochTV interview. These products provide no significant benefit and pose a significant risk.”

In his speech to the European Parliament, Dr. McCullough accused the CDC, WHO, Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, and United Nations of forming a “syndicate.”

“This coalition of non-governmental organizations and government public health agencies functions as a unit. They’ve been meticulously planned. And the result has been negative,” he said. “The WHO has played an adverse role from the very beginning, deceiving the world on the origins of SARS-Cov-2.”

“Doctors like us in clinical practice fell behind on this because our governments and organizations like the WHO were not forthcoming with us.” And instead of assisting us or at least getting out of the way of treating patients and saving lives, they obstructed our ability to treat patients. They influenced, and in fact created, an entire environment of therapeutic nihilism.”

Dr. McCullough urged the European Union, the United States, and all other stakeholders to “completely pull out of the WHO and leave the WHO to its own endeavors.” The organization should not have “any jurisprudence, no dominion over what we do in healthcare.”

Concerns about Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which contains an artificially modified RNA called modRNA, have emerged alongside concerns about mRNA vaccines. ModRNA is not a naturally occurring substance and is extremely dangerous to one’s health.
The Pfizer vaccine is labeled as containing modRNA by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to Klaus Steger, a molecular biologist who led several gene technology laboratories, because modRNA cannot target specific cells to make viral protein, it can end up attacking perfectly healthy cells and bypassing the human body’s protective barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier.

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