‘Gigantic Medical Crime’: Microbiologist Criticizes mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in German Parliament

The speech stressed the presence of bacterial contamination in the vaccines, which can lead to long-term inflammation and organ damage.

The use of bacteria in the production of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines has “monstrous consequences” for vaccinated individuals, according to microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, who questioned the vaccine’s approval.

Manufacturers had to use bacterial chromosomes during vaccine production in order to mass produce the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, according to Dr. Bhakdi during a Nov. 12 address to the German Parliament.
“A kind audience member asked, ‘Has the use of bacterial chromosomes for vaccine production ever been tested for safety and approved?’… “They have never been tested—neither for content nor for safety,” he replied.

Regulatory agencies such as the European Medicines Agency and the United States Food and Drug Administration “simply waved them through and approved them.” They, the authorities, were both accomplices and accessories.”A slight suspicion must arise that this entire vaccination campaign was, and continues to be, a massive medical crime.” “And now I’ll tell you about the monstrous consequences of such a crime,” he said.
Dr. Bhakdi used an organ transplant as an example.

“You get my kidney, but you reject it.” Whatever is not of our body is not even tolerated within our own species, humans. “And if, after the first failure, you try again and get my second kidney, a merciless rejection follows, unbelievably fast and severe,” he explained. “The same principle underlies the ever-stronger intensity of the adverse events that occur following booster RNA injections.”

Immune Response to Vaccine

When mRNA vaccines are administered, the mRNA instructs cells in the body to produce proteins that stimulate the body’s immune response. Antibodies are produced as a result of the immune response.
“The ability of the immune system to recognize and destroy cells that do not themselves produce is granted at birth and ends with death,” noted the doctor.
When an mRNA vaccine based on bacterial chromosomes is injected into the body, a slew of immune attacks are unleashed that will last until the production of foreign protein ceases.

Concerning how long this process will last, the microbiologist cited a “alarming finding” last year that discovered spike proteins and multiorgan inflammation among those who had been vaccinated, which could last for weeks or even months.

A study published in August discovered the spike protein from COVID-19 vaccines in people’s bodily fluids six months after vaccination.
The bacteria’s miniature chromosomes must be removed during vaccine production using bacteria. Otherwise, bacterial DNA contamination in the human body can occur through vaccination, according to him.

The cell nucleus dissolves when a cell divides in the body. A foreign DNA, such as the bacterial DNA in the vaccine, can end up right next to human chromosomes and become “locked into the newly formed nuclei of the daughter cells” during this process. Continued production of foreign proteins may occur, resulting in long-term infections and organ damage throughout the body, according to Dr. Bhakdi.
“It is obvious that continuing production can be lethal. The vessel’s walls have been damaged. Bleeding and the formation of blood clots are unavoidable outcomes. The tissue will die as a result of a lack of oxygen.”

Organ Damage

The microbiologist pointed out that the heart is a human organ that cannot replace dead cells.
“Who hasn’t heard about the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths that are happening all over the world? They are merely the tip of the iceberg. “Heart diseases caused by vaccinations are the norm for both young and old,” he said.

“It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccination can result in fatal myocarditis.” It’s in there somewhere. It is a widely cited and widely accepted work on a global scale. Nobody can claim that this hasn’t been proven.”

According to one study on the side effects of COVID-19 vaccination, there was one incident of self-reported symptoms affecting the cardiorespiratory system, such as heart palpitations, breathing difficulty, and chest tightness or pain, for every 45 doses administered.
The brain is another organ that cannot replace its own cells. Depending on where the vaccine damage occurs, a variety of psychiatric and neurological illnesses, including nerve failure, paralysis, dementia, psychosis, and personality changes, can occur, according to Dr. Bhakdi.
A study published in the journal Vaccines in October discovered that nearly one-third of people who received a COVID-19 vaccine experienced neurological complications such as tremors, insomnia, and muscle spasms.
The Moderna vaccine’s risk profile included sleepiness, vertigo, diplopia (double vision), paresthesia (a sensation of numbness or itching on the skin), taste and smell changes, and dysphonia (loss of normal voice). Researchers discovered “an increased risk” of cognitive fog or difficulty concentrating with Pfizer vaccines.

Damage to Reproductive DNA

Dr. Bhakdi stated in his speech that “fragmented DNA sequences have an increased propensity for being incorporated into chromosomal DNA.”
“The possibilities are limitless.” Cell division and differentiation are controlled by a finely tuned network, which can be disrupted. Cancer and developmental disorders are possible outcomes. “Altered characteristics may be heritable due to mutations in sperm and fertilized egg cells,” he said.

He stated that bacterial chromosomes have been discovered in “every batch of vaccinations” examined thus far.
“Anyone who praises RNA vaccines as ‘safe and effective,’ anyone who claims that vaccination only causes serious side effects in exceedingly rare cases is either incredibly ignorant or infinitely evil,” Dr. Bhakdi said in a statement. “And they, like everyone else who actively or passively sells or endorses this vaccination, open themselves up to prosecution.” Because it has now been scientifically proven that vaccination can only have negative effects, some of which are potentially fatal.”

Alan McDonnell assisted with this report.

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