Gutsy, a cybersecurity startup from the founders of Twistlock, just raised a $51 million seed round using this 27-slide pitch deck

  • Gutsy, a cybersecurity startup from the founders of Twistlock, has raised $51 million.
  • Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the major seed round comes as the company emerges from stealth.
  • The startup has raised funding from YL Ventures and Mayfield.

Gutsy, a cybersecurity startup, announced Tuesday that it has raised $51 million in seed funding.

Gutsy, founded in 2022 and now emerging from stealth, aims to assist businesses in resolving issues in the increasingly complicated and overwhelming world of cybersecurity. Process mining, a type of data science based on analytics, is used by the startup to provide businesses with a set of tools to better understand the security of their data and provide more visibility to organizations.

“Over the past couple of decades, billions of venture dollars have gone into cybersecurity, it’s a big problem but it’s still an unsolved problem with customers lacking the necessary solutions,” John Morello, the cofounder and CEO of Gutsy, told

Gutsy’s cofounders previously founded Twistlock, a container security startup that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks for $410 million in 2019. Through an API, the company provides cloud security tools for businesses to manage their data across auditing, governance, and migration.

“Security is about how people process technology, and the reason organizations struggle with outcomes is that they lack an efficient way to connect these processes.” “That’s what we’re attempting to solve,” Morello explained.

The $51 million seed funding round was led by YL Ventures, a Twistlock backer, and venture firm Mayfield, along with a number of cybersecurity angel investors.

“There is a lot of economic uncertainty right now and we don’t know what the funding environment will be like going forwards,” Morello said in an interview. “We have good investors who we have worked with a lot and now we can be pragmatic with our investing to remove risk from the future.”

According to the company, the new funds will be used to hire in areas such as engineering and sales.

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