More California Highway Patrol officers headed to Oakland in renewed bid to combat crime

The California Highway Patrol will increase patrols in certain areas of Oakland as part of a renewed effort to combat crime in the city, Mayor Sheng Thao’s administration announced Thursday.

According to Thao’s announcement, the agency will target “high-injury corridors” and will focus on reckless driving, stolen cars, sideshows, and highway shootings. The goal of this collaboration between the mayor’s office and Gov. Gavin Newsom is to give Oakland police officers more time to respond to — and solve — violent crime.

In addition, Newsom’s office intends to advance $1.2 million to Oakland for automated license plate readers. It is unclear where those readers will be installed or how many devices the city will purchase, but officials have stated that some may be installed on roads that were once designated as state highways, such as International Boulevard and San Pablo Avenue.Calls to city and police officials were not returned immediately.

The civilian Privacy Advisory Commission reviews the use of law enforcement technology in Oakland, but it is unclear whether these license plate readers would fall under the purview of the city board.

Bringing in highway patrol officers is similar to previous efforts to target “high-injury corridors” and improve public safety throughout Oakland. Thao expressed gratitude to Newsom in a statement.

“Strong partnerships are critical in making our City safer,” said Mayor Thao in a city statement. “Our comprehensive community safety approach includes both accountability for those who commit crime as well as prevention and deterrence efforts to stop crime before it occurs.”

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