New Zealand Government to End All COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

The deal also includes an independent COVID-19 inquiry scrutinising aspects including the use of multiple lockdowns.

The incoming New Zealand government, led by Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon, has reached a historic agreement with New Zealand First, led by Winston Peters, to cancel all COVID-19 vaccine mandates and launch an investigation into the pandemic.

Following weeks of negotiations, the National Party, libertarian ACT New Zealand, and nationalist NZ First have reached an agreement to form a new government.

The parties agreed in the agreement to “end all COVID-19 vaccine mandates that are still in operation.”

Although there are currently no government vaccine mandates, Employment New Zealand acknowledges that some employers may still require vaccinations based on health and safety legislation.
During COVID-19, while Jacinda Ardern was prime minister, New Zealand implemented vaccine mandates for certain workers and a vaccine pass for the general public.

Workers with a mandate include quarantine and border staff, school and early learning staff, high-risk health and disability workers, police, and the military.

The government implemented a vaccine pass in October 2021 to allow workers and the general public access to hospitality, gyms, and hair salons.

Chris Hipkins, who was a health minister during COVID-19, took over as Prime Minister from Ms. Ardern in January.

During the election campaign, he sparked outrage online by claiming “there was no compulsory vaccination.”
Mr. Luxon will be officially sworn in as Prime Minister on November 27 alongside ministers from the National, NZ First, and ACT parties.

Mr. Peters and ACT leader David Seymour will share the role of Deputy Prime Minister.

Independent COVID-19 Inquiry

In addition to repealing vaccine mandates, an urgent and comprehensive independent COVID-19 investigation will be conducted, with both local and international experts participating.
The inquiry will look into how New Zealand handled the COVID-19 pandemic, including the use of multiple lockdowns and the efficiency of vaccine procurement.

Mr. Peters campaigned for vaccine compensation before the election for those who lost their jobs or were proven injured by the vaccine.

“You should listen to an inquiry if you have confidence in it, and the answer is, one would have to listen to that,” Mr. Peters said in September, according to the New Zealand Herald.
The investigation would also look into the social and economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as whether the decisions and actions taken were justified.

Before New Zealand accepts any deal with the UN, a national interest test will be carried out.

I’ve informed the Governor General that I am able to form a government.

On Monday, I will be sworn in as New Zealand’s 42nd Prime Minister alongside ministers from National, ACT, and New Zealand First who are eager to get to work making this country great… November 24, 2023 — Christopher Luxon (@chrisluxonmp)

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