Steve Kirsch: “Died Suddenly” is being caused by the COVID vaccines

I have the data. OR=2.22 p=.005. In other words, the debate is over. The “safe and effective” COVID vaccines are responsible for the increase in “died suddenly” events. No doubt about it anymore.

Executive summary

I gathered detailed data on over 500 deaths that occurred in 2021 and later. Family members or others with detailed knowledge of the person who died (including things like date of last vaccination, number of vaccinations, cause of death, and so on) were the source.

Each person was asked whether they thought the death was “in line with expectations” or not.

While this is a “technically” subjective criterion, it is uncommon for people to have difficulty making this assessment accurately. And, in large groups, the flaws of any single human judgment are drowned out by the wisdom of the crowd.

The analysis’ findings are highly statistically significant: COVID vaccines are causing these events. The odds ratio is 2.22. 0.005 is the one-sided p-value.

The results were consistent between people who had received doses 1, 2, 3, 4, and more and those who had not been immunized.

An irresistible offer to make a lot of money fast without any risk

This offer will expire once the data is made public. It can be accepted before that time.

Some argue, without evidence or access to the underlying record-level data, that the survey must be biased and that the true, unbiased result is that there is no signal and that COVID vaccines do not increase all-cause mortality.

The offer’s purpose is to demonstrate that people who claim my survey data is biased or incorrect without even looking at the survey data are all “big hat, no cattle.” They’re all of them.

Simply fill out the Contact me form and tell me how much money you want to bet that you are correct. Before I publicly disclose the data, I will execute a written contract with the highest serious bidder that will bind both parties to the deal.

If you are certain that the result is incorrect without even seeing the data, this is a virtually risk-free opportunity to make a lot of money quickly.

I lose if you can show that the conclusions of a statistically significant increase in all-cause mortality were incorrect (e.g., there was no signal after accounting for bias) or that the data was manipulated to achieve the result of a statistically significant increase in all-cause mortality. I’ll even provide you with access to the Airtable history, which will reveal any data manipulation.

I will provide you with the record level data of all survey responses once we have a written contract in place. Then, after adjusting for bias, you simply use statistical techniques to demonstrate that the data does not contain a statistically significant signal that the vaccine is killing people. Then you’ve won.

If we disagree on your analysis, an h-index of 50 or higher epidemiologists will decide who wins. A mutually agreeable consulting firm will select the epidemiologists at random. The pot is divided based on the vote distribution.

If you are confident that the vaccine is safe and is not increasing all-cause mortality, this is a virtually risk-free investment. It’s simple money.

Is it a deal or no deal?

The source data

Here’s an example of an Airtable pivot table:

I plan to make the entire dataset public soon.

The calculation

The odds are expressed in terms of expected:unexpected.

The following Fisher matrix values were extracted from the table: 22 49 73 362 for a total of 506 deaths.

One-sided p-value = 0.005 Odds ratio = 2.22 95% CI (low=1.2, high=4.0)

The “correlation isn’t causation” gaslighting method exposed

There are some well-known examples where correlation does not imply causation. However, these are extremely rare. In most cases, Occam’s razor holds true.

There can’t be any other explanation in this case.

There is simply no other mechanism available.

To have an impact on mortality in this way, the cause must be something injected.

You’d have to be deaf to miss it.

But if you think I’m mistaken, you have a chance to make a LOT of money!

The offer to challenge me and make $250,000

I believe in statistics and believe that I have a less than 1% chance of losing a bet on this question. Those odds appeal to me.

But if you think my survey is “biased” and you believe the medical community, which falsely claims (without ANY statistical data) that vaccines aren’t causing sudden deaths, then you can instantly make $250,000 if you can show me wrong and there isn’t a statistically significant effect here using more credible data. A neutral panel of epidemiologists chosen by a mutually agreed-upon third-party consulting firm will judge.

Have you noticed that when I challenge them to a wager to decide the question, they NEVER EVER want to pursue it? Who wouldn’t want to double their money without risk? WTF?!?!?

Money is a very powerful tool because it instantly tells you who is telling you the truth and who is deceiving you. It’s like a lie detector that never fails.

That is why I am making these offers. To demonstrate that none of the people believe their own nonsense.

They are all wrong. There was not a single one.

Bonus questions

Why won’t anyone take my bet if the vaccine is so safe? If the vaccine is truly safe, millions of people should jump at the chance to win $250,000 risk-free! What is preventing them from moving forward? Is it possible that they have a 1% chance of winning? Could that have anything to do with it? Do you think so?
Why hasn’t this question been addressed in a single published paper in the medical literature? Because it would never be published, and the researchers would never receive funding again.

My tribute to the “fact checkers”

Finally, we have information. The fact checkers were incorrect.

The fact-checkers make me think of a famous scene from The Treasure of Sierra Madre:

“Studies?!?! “, says the fact checker. We don’t have any studies. In fact, studies are unnecessary. I don’t need to show you any studies?! We don’t have any studies.”

Do you remember the story of Professor Harold Hill?

Don’t you realize it’s a vaccine?!?! Oh, you’ve got trouble…I say trouble! “River City, right here!”

Professor Hill was among the first “misinformation spreaders.” As you may recall, he was attempting to alert the good people of River City to the presence of a vaccine in their midst 😉

Here’s what he had to say:

What do you mean, a vaccine?
Friend, you’re either closing your eyes to a situation you don’t want to acknowledge, or you’re unaware of the magnitude of disaster signaled by the presence of a vaccine in your community.

So, my friend, you’re in trouble.
I say there’s trouble in River City right now.

Friends, let me explain what I mean.
You have one, two, three, four, five, and six shots in your arm.
Shots that distinguish between health and illness
With “SV40” DNA, which rhymes with “V” and stands for vaccine!!

Lyrics are still in the works. Because I had to rush to market at Warp Speed, I made a few mistakes for which I am not liable thanks to the PREP Act.

The original song can be heard here. Enjoy.


It’s time to put an end to the gaslighting about Sudden Deaths.

The vaccines reduce the likelihood of a normal death by a factor of 2.23 (from.3 to.13). In other words, vaccines are causing an increase in sudden deaths, as you have observed. You are not insane. They want you to believe you’re insane. But you now have the data, while they do not. The tables have now been turned.

Do not be misled by the argument that “sudden deaths have always happened; there is no difference in rate.” For the first time, you have evidence that they are lying. And they don’t have anything. Zero. Zilch. They never had any evidence to back up their ridiculous claims.

But we didn’t have the numbers to back it up until now because we didn’t have the data.

But, thanks to my readers, we now have the figures, and you were correct. You weren’t hallucinating. There is no doubt that the COVID vaccine caused an increase in unexpected deaths.

These vaccines are a disaster and must be discontinued immediately.

Please consider donating to my cause.
I make claims in order to expose the truth. AFAIK, I am the only person on the planet who is placing bets to demonstrate that no one who believes the narrative has any confidence in their beliefs. These are all “big hat, no cattle” types of people.

If you find the research I conduct useful to you and society, please consider becoming a paid subscriber for just $5/month or $50/year. The Substack is currently my sole source of income, and the more funds I can raise, the more people I can support who are working to advance the mission. Thanks!

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