WCH Expert Panel Finds Cancer-Promoting DNA Contamination in Covid-19 Vaccines


An international expert panel has concluded that Covid vaccines are contaminated with foreign DNA and that the vaccines contain SV40, a cancer-promoting genetic sequence.

Bath, United Kingdom – The World Council for Health, in collaboration with expert advisers, is committed to providing accurate and reliable information to the public in order to promote health and well-being. In light of recent concerns about bacterial DNA and genetic sequences in mRNA vaccines, the World Council for Health convened an Urgent Expert Hearing on Monday, October 9th.

The hearing was held virtually and focused on the implications of these findings for all people around the world. The audience heard from the following internationally renowned immunologists, geneticists, specialist physicians, and research scientists:

  • Kevin McKernan (United States)
  • Dr. Janci Lindsay (United States)
  • Assoc Prof Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) Byram Bridle (Canada) is a professor.
  • Prof Brigitte König (Germany) and Dr Peter McCullough (USA).
  • Jessica Rose (Canada) is a physician.
  • Alexandra Henrion-Caude (France) is a professor.
  • Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens (Australia) discussed the legal ramifications of using unregulated GMO products as vaccines.

Summary of Results:

Bacterial DNA (plasmids) were discovered in mRNA vaccine vials.
The Covid-19 vaccines contain a cancer-promoting genetic sequence known as SV40. This was not present in the vials used for the approval studies, but it was discovered in all BioNTech vials distributed for public use.
These findings have been confirmed by several independent laboratories around the world.
Kevin McKernan made the discovery in April 2023, after which regulatory bodies were contacted. There has been no official response.
There are several mechanisms by which this genetic information could be integrated into the human genome.
This DNA could instruct our bodies to produce mRNA and foreign proteins for an unknown amount of time, potentially affecting future generations.
The undeclared SV40 promotor sequence, in addition to increasing cancer risk, increases the capacity to incorporate other foreign genetic material into the recipients’ own chromosomes, potentially rendering them (and possibly their offspring) permanently genetically modified.
Multiple completely undeclared genetic sequences are found in both Moderna and Pfizer vials, with the SV40 sequence found only in Pfizer vials. Latent SV40 infections in a significant portion of the population, on the other hand, could pose the same SV40 risk to Moderna recipients.
Even in the absence of chromosomal integration, the DNA plasmids could produce mRNA for the spike protein toxin and other harmful proteins for indefinitely.
Foreign DNA integration into the human genome disrupts existing natural genetic sequences, increasing the risk of disease, including cancer.
The Covid-19 vaccines are GMO (genetically modified organism) products, which require additional approval than older, more traditional vaccines.
Informed consent is impossible for these products because the risks have never been formally and transparently assessed by regulators and are not fully known. According to an independent review of emerging and available evidence, these products are extremely dangerous, with implications for disease, death, transmission, and inheritance.
The expert panelists demanded that these novel genetic “vaccines” be put on hold immediately.
Dr. Peter McCullough, Scientific Advisor to the World Council for Health, said of the expert hearing, “I believe today, in 2023, after three years of the failed Covid 19 vaccine campaign, which has been a biologic disaster for the world, that the multi-hit hypothesis for oncogenesis has been fulfilled… The Covid 19 vaccines work by interfering with the tumor suppressor systems P53 and BRCA 1 and 2. Furthermore, genetic vaccines impair DNA repair… They reduce the body’s ability to heal itself.”

Following the hearing, Dr Tess Lawrie, co-founder of the World Council for Health, stated, “The World Council for Health has brought together the experts and the evidence.”
Individuals now have the information they need to take legal action against vaccinating practitioners if they so desire. Individual actions like these could be what ends the ongoing international violation of human rights.”

To follow the event and receive updates, go to: worldcouncilforhealth.org/dna.

Download the PDF version of this press release here: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Expert-Panel-Outcome-Press-Release.pdf

Previous press releases can be found at https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/news-releases/expert-hearing-dna-contamination-mrna-vaccines.

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