Coach Prime TV series: Filming on second season has begun in Colorado

Colorado film office may provide half a million dollars in tax rebates

This college football season, all eyes have been on Colorado, including the eyes behind these sunglasses, as Deion Sanders, better known as Coach Prime, has led the University of Colorado Buffaloes to a 3-2 record with the kind of unique panache that has garnered international attention, celebrity endorsements, and headline after headline.

What will be the next big thing? Season two of “Coach Prime,” a multi-part “documentary” series that followed Sanders last year while he was coaching at Jackson State University and then to Boulder, has begun filming.

“According to the applicant’s estimates, (the state) anticipates approximately $4.9 million in qualified local expenditures, resulting in a $500,000 rebate.” The multiplier effect could result in an economic impact of up to $9 million, according to the agency.

That’s a lot of talk. But then, sports fans in this town are used to it.

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