Leaked all-hands: Broadcom CEO tells employees living within 50 miles of an office to ‘get your butt in here’

  • According to Broadcom CEO Hock Tan, employees within 50 miles of an office must work in person.
  • Tan addressed employees at an all-hands meeting on November 22 following Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.
  • Because VMware is more remote-friendly, employees are concerned about a culture clash.

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan stated in an all-hands meeting on Tuesday that he expects employees living within 50 miles of an office to resume in-person work.

Tan spoke to employees following Broadcom’s $69 billion acquisition of VMware on November 22. “What can you tell me about headquarters, office locations, and remote work?” asked one submitter.

“If you live within 50 miles of an office, you get your buttin’ in here,” Tan said during the meeting, according to a recording obtained by Business Insider.

Tan stated that employees can only work remotely if their jobs require them to interact with customers, such as those in sales.

“Any other exception, you better learn how to walk on water if you want to work remote,” Tan said at the meeting. “I’m serious.”

Tan stated that one of the most important aspects of returning to the office is collaboration.

“Collaboration is important and a key part of sustaining a culture with your peers, with your colleagues,” Tan went on to say.

Tan’s remarks about returning to work were first reported by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Tan also announced during the meeting that Broadcom’s headquarters had relocated to Palo Alto, California, where VMware is headquartered.

Broadcom laid off some VMware employees earlier this week, according to Business Insider.

Tan had already told VMware employees that he expected them to return to the office before the acquisition closed. Employees were concerned about a culture clash because VMware has been more remote-friendly than Broadcom.

“VMware has a beautiful campus in Palo Alto that remains empty,” Tan told employees in August 2022. “Real estate isn’t cheap.”

Broadcom did not respond immediately to BI’s request for comment.

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