Leaked email shows the top executives leading VMware’s edge unit after Broadcom’s $69 billion acquisition

  • Following the acquisition of Broadcom, VMware will have four divisions.
  • The top executives expected to lead the Software-Defined Edge division are shown in a leaked email.
  • After closing the deal on November 22, Broadcom laid off VMware employees this week.

Broadcom reorganized after completing its $69 billion acquisition of VMware on November 22.

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan recently informed employees via email that VMware would now be divided into four divisions: VMware Cloud Foundation, Tanzu cloud applications, Software-Defined Edge, and Application Networking and Security.

Sanjay Uppal, a vice president and general manager, will lead the Software-Defined Edge division. Tan also named other top executives who will report to Uppal and help lead the division in an email obtained by Business Insider.

Broadcom did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Broadcom laid off workers on Monday after the deal closed, as previously reported by BI. Prior to that, VMware had already begun to reduce its workforce.

The following is a full copy of the email about the Software-Defined Edge division:

Employees of Software-Defined Edge,I’m pleased to announce that Sanjay Uppal, Vice President and General Manager, will lead our Software-Defined Edge (SDE) Division now that Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware is complete.For 5G/Telcos and distributed enterprises, SDE will focus on providing a distributed software stack to run edge workloads, as well as software-defined WAN and cloud security services.Sanjay will be directly reported to by:• Steve Wehrend, Technology• Saadat Malik, Technology• Chris Hill (UK), PS & Support ServicesAengus Linehan, Support• Tal Klein, Marketing• Sonali Bhatnagar, Product Services• Nick Watkins, Sales• Steve Woo, Technology Product ManagementI am looking forward to working closely with our leaders in their new roles, and I am grateful for both companies’ efforts in planning for integration.Regards,Mr. Hock Tan

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