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S.J. should put Mahan’s homeless plan into action.

Re: “Time for the blame game on homelessness to end” (Page A13, October 1).

Mayor Matt Mahan’s remarks on housing solutions for the homeless epitomize “common sense solutions,” a campaign slogan he used in 2022 that is still relevant today. My family was enthusiastic about Matt’s homegrown vision of a San Jose that works tirelessly and compassionately for all.

According to Mahan, there are sufficient resources to construct secure individual cottages or casitas on public lands to house the homeless. That is exactly what he writes happened after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Let’s get started on his vision today.

Mr. Joseph Di Salvo Santa Clara

Is it a good idea for San Jose to dump PG&E?

Re: “Riling PG&E, San Jose OKs Electric Utility” (Oct. 5, Page B1).

I was pleased to learn that San Jose is conducting research to establish their own electric utility. PG&E is prohibitively expensive.

San Jose residents are paying for PG&E’s mistakes. If I could, I would stop being a PG&E customer. Every month, the fee appears to rise by a few fractions of a cent.

The PG&E union is completely incorrect. San Jose would require those employees to join the San Jose Employees Union. There would be no job losses.

PG&E is only concerned with making a large profit. San Jose would respond much more quickly to problems with their own utility.

Braverman, Phil Santa Clara

Congressional gridlock is harming Americans

Re: “McCarthy ousted as House Speaker” (Oct. 4, Page A1).

This country is clearly ruled by extremism. To pass any type of meaningful legislation in the United States Congress, divine intervention is required.

Where is the equal representation of all Americans, both numerically and ideologically? Why do we insist on sticking to draconian rules that were established 300 years ago? Rep. Matt Gaetz is an unintended consequence of our two-party system. Gaetz, a narcissist who thrives on celebrity and power, is currently holding Congress hostage.

The system is broken and harmful to the well-being of all Americans. We’re capable of doing better.

Avila, Luisa Santa Clara

The Republican Party is nothing more than a cult.

Re: “McCarthy ousted as House Speaker” (Oct. 4, Page A1).

Kevin McCarthy has been beheaded by the MAGA heads in the House of Representatives, and our Congress is in disarray. So I have a question for Republican members of Congress: Why are you still a Republican?

The legacy GOP’s ideals from ten years ago must be considered when deciding how to govern ourselves. However, the GOP no longer exists. It’s a cult of Donald Trump. They may believe that by endorsing him as their standard bearer, they will gain power and be able to enact policies that they believe are important. However, Trump is uninterested in good governance. He is a liar who is using their support to further his personal goals.

Accept that the old GOP no longer exists and form a new party or become a Democrat.

Sunnyvale Robert Lofland

STEM careers should encourage true diversity.

As I consider my career options, it can be difficult to see what success looks like for people like me, let alone what I believe I am capable of.

I am a Vietnamese woman studying computer science in a society that promotes a more diverse and equitable workplace, while also being Asian in STEM as a “overrepresented” ethnic group. But how am I “overrepresented” if I’ve never seen another Vietnamese woman software engineer in the field?

I am delighted to see more women and Asians in STEM fields. However, I believe that society is failing to uplift Asian people because they are still marginalized. We need to find better ways to be inclusive, as contradictory as that may appear. I don’t believe we should be celebrating diversity when you only choose a subset of diversity.

San Jose, Anne Mai

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