Massive housing project near San Jose BART site awaits crucial approval

The project would add over 900 homes to a prime San Jose location.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A massive housing development near a San Jose BART station is nearing a critical approval, with more than 900 residences set to begin construction.

According to city documents, the development would be located near the intersection of East Julian Street and North 28th Street, a few blocks from the future 28th Street/Little Portugal BART station.

“This area around the BART station is prime for high-density development,” said Bob Staedler, principal executive at land-use consultancy Silicon Valley Synergy. “Development in this area can create a continuous corridor from downtown San Jose to east San Jose.”

According to environmental impact materials circulated for public review, the project could add 913 residences east of downtown, near the Highway 101 and McKee Road interchange.

An affiliate led by local developer Loida Kirkley proposed the proposal, which consists of three housing complexes adjacent to each other.

“With BART coming into this area, there will be changes, more dense housing developments,” said Davide Vieira, a neighborhood advocate for San Jose’s Roosevelt Park and Little Portugal neighborhoods. “Take a look at Milpitas, Warm Springs, and Berryessa, which all have BART stations.” That is exactly what will occur here.”

Here are the specifics about the three segments of the development:

— The building at 1325 East Julian St. would have 633 units and 11,500 square feet of commercial space. The 10-story structure would be known as Vila de Camila.

— 1347 East Julian St. would be a six-story apartment building with 45 residential units. The commercial space on the ground floor would be 2,500 square feet. Casa Inclusiva is the name of this structure.

— Residencias Arianna, 1298 Tripp Ave., would have 235 units in six-story structures. There is approximately 820 square feet of ground-floor commercial space included.

According to city documents, the development will take place in three stages. Construction could begin in the fall of 2024, with the final phase completed in early 2029, as currently planned.

“There isn’t much stress now on traffic in that area,” Vieira told reporters. “It is primarily the responsibility of the Department of Transportation to ensure that the increased traffic is mitigated.” A lot of things are coming together in that area.”

The 45-unit development at 1347 East Julian would begin in October 2024 and be finished in a year.

The 633-unit project at 1325 East Julian would begin in September 2025 and take 33 months to complete, putting it around mid-2028.

The 235-unit development at 1298 Tripp Avenue is scheduled to begin construction in June 2027 and will take approximately 21 months to complete, implying a completion date in the first half of 2029.

“The project would not have a significant effect on the environment if certain mitigation measures are incorporated,” the report said.

City officials have demanded a slew of mitigation measures. City staffers cited noise control and limited construction hours as major concerns.

According to Staedler, increased development along Santa Clara Street — from the Google Downtown West Development to the Highway 101 interchange with East Santa Clara and Alum Rock Avenue — is a critical goal for San Jose officials.

“San Jose has hopes and dreams to turn Santa Clara Street into a grand boulevard,” he said. “This housing development is one project that meets those ambitions.”

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