Serial bank robber sentenced for Bay Area bank robbery weeks after release from prison for another robbery

Attorney says this time will be different

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — According to court records, a man who robbed a Wells Fargo just weeks after being released from a 24-month prison term in a previous bank robbery case has been sentenced to federal prison once more.

Christian Plummer, 26, was sentenced to 34 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Edward Chen. On December 30, roughly one month after his release from federal prison, Plummer pleaded guilty to robbing a Wells Fargo in San Francisco.

Authorities said Plummer left the bank with $3,100 after handing the teller a threatening note. Unfortunately for him, a tracking device was hidden in the stack of cash, and police arrested him only four blocks away from the bank. Prosecutors claimed the teller was afraid for her life.

Plummer’s lawyer stated that his offense was motivated by “long term mental illness and homelessness,” and that he intends to return to the East Coast after his release to be with family.

“Christian Plummer comes before this court today filled with regret and shame for committing another unarmed bank robbery,” Assistant Federal Public Defender Angela Chuang wrote in a sentencing memo. She went on to say, “With nowhere to live and with no transportation waiting to take him to a treatment program, he ended up on the streets again and immediately relapsed on meth.”

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