Taco Bell introduces Vegan Nacho Sauce with the latest return of Nacho Fries

Taco Bell has announced that it will begin serving Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho Sauce on October 12, marking the company’s first foray into the vegan market.

The Nacho Fries are back on the menu for a limited time today, September 28, but the vegan version of the sauce is still two weeks away.

Taco Bell takes pride in its ability to adapt its dishes to vegetarian tastes, and it maintains a page on its website called Veggie Cravings, which currently features 18 items marked with a green diamond with the letter “V,” which stands for vegetarian. The symbol does not appear on Nacho Fries.

The vegan cheese sauce is proprietary to the Irvine-based fast food chain. Last June, it was tested in Hollywood as part of an entrée called a Vegan Crunchwrap. According to a press release, the sauce passed all tests.

According to the news release, the seasoned fries are already vegan. According to the company, they are fried in a mixture of canola and corn oil, but some restaurants may use the same oil to fry items containing animal ingredients.

This time, Nacho Fries are available in a large size for $2.99, as well as regular for $2.19. Prices vary according to location.

Tacobell.com has more information.

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