Why has price of hydrogen fuel jumped so high? Roadshow

Driver also dealing with limited availability

Q: Could you tell me what’s going on with the hydrogen market? When we purchased our Toyota Mirai in August 2022, hydrogen cost slightly more than $16 per liter. It is now nearly $36, having more than doubled. Do you know why this is the case? Is it possible that it will drop again in the near future?

Furthermore, the half-dozen hydrogen stations in the greater San Jose area appear to be frequently offline, particularly recently. We can’t even afford the high prices half of the time! It’s becoming increasingly inconvenient. Do you know if there are any plans to open new stations in San Jose? What about Gilroy and Morgan Hill?

— San Jose resident Jeff Wagner

A: I’m asking Roadshow readers who are more knowledgeable about the hydrogen market to weigh in on this one. For a few years, our daughter drove a hydrogen-powered car and found refueling to be inconvenient at times.

Q: In a recent article, you answered Lori McBride’s question about taking an online course for the DMV’s written test. Could you please tell me the name of the online course she took or a good online practice test?

Kathleen Ledonne’s

A: The DMV provides a no-fail eLearning course with seven interactive modules that include quizzes and must be completed before moving on to the next module. The course lasts about 45 minutes and is currently only available in English. The testing requirement is satisfied by completing the no-fail eLearning course.

The DMV website contains sample driver’s license tests. Navigate to https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/ and look for “Sample Driver’s License Tests.”

Check out this DMV website page for more information on the renewal process for drivers 70 and up, and this article for more information on the eLearning course.

Q: This poem is dedicated to all courteous drivers!

On long and wide roads and highways,

Where cars and trucks ride in unison,

There are courteous drivers, a bright beacon.

It’s a heartwarming sight to see their acts of kindness.

They yield gracefully and patiently.

Their courtesy is a shield against the fate of road rage.

They flash their lights as a friendly gesture.

A goodwill gesture, a bond to be formed.

They give you a chance in merging lanes.

A gentle weave, a warm dance.

They don’t honk because their voices are so soft.

As a soothing child, I spread harmony.

So let us applaud the courteous drivers, which is so true.

Their acts of kindness are evident.

May their courtesy spread like a bright wildfire.

And transform the roads into a place of pure delight.

Thank you for being courteous drivers. I hope to see you again next year!

— Santa Clara resident Daniel Chapman

A: Thank you for sharing your imaginative awards for courteous drivers.

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