‘You ought to be making this money for me,’ Bay Area man allegedly told ‘prostitutes.’ Unfortunately for him they were undercover cops

Gun charges filed against Santa Rosa man

OAKLAND, Calif. — Last week, two undercover Oakland cops dressed up as sex workers and went to the 500 block of International Boulevard in the hopes of attracting suspected pimps or men looking to buy sex.

Their disguises appeared to be effective.

The officers were approached around 6:15 p.m. by a man who pulled up in a 2005 silver Dodge Magnum and rolled down the window, according to authorities.

“You ought to be making this money for me,” he allegedly told them. “You making hella contact for nothing.”

The women immediately signaled to another police unit lurking in the shadows nearby, which swooped in and arrested the man. Two days later, Alameda County prosecutors filed two felony charges against him, not for pimping, but for allegedly having a loaded gun with an extended magazine in his Dodge.

Zaire Rucker-Jackson, 24, of Santa Rosa, was identified as the suspect. On September 29, he was charged with both carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle and carrying a loaded firearm in a city, both felonies.

An Oakland officer wrote in a probable cause declaration that the undercovers interpreted Rucker-Jackson’s words as a legitimate attempt to “aggressively” recruit them into prostitution. Prior to the search of his car, he was arrested on suspicion of pimping and pandering, according to police.

According to police, the gun found in the Dodge was unregistered and lacked a serial number. According to police, multiple cellphones were recovered from the car and are being analyzed for evidence of pimping or human trafficking.

According to court records, Rucker-Jackson was released after posting $40,000 bail. A judge denied a defense motion to release him without bail at his September 29 court appearance. He has entered a not guilty plea.

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